Ohio Deer Hunting: December Action

Ohio Deer Hunting: December Action


It’s mid-December in southern Ohio and Antler Geek Tony Hansen is looking to find a post-rut whitetail.


  1. I admire your restraint.

  2. For you anti-baiters—football is a sport—Hunting is for food. Shooting deer for the Horns should be outlawed ! Tell me you don't hunt over bait, but hunt over acorns, persimmons or a water hole–what is the difference ?? I would have taken the first Deer and been home butchering while it was still daylight. Want to hunt for sport ?? Then try lassoing one and then turning him loose !! LMAO

  3. Why don't you just go shot a cow while it's feeding in the barn

  4. I hunt dude

  5. Don't move dig dig

  6. Love hunting over bait piles.Whether hunting coon or black bear with hounds in northern Ontario,it allows you to be critical of the harvest.you still have the wind and noise factor to watch for.You only get big bucks by letting the smaller deer go.It allows ultimate selection.Kudos buddy,you practiced good restraint.I like serious hunters.

  7. As soon as i seen the video of them hunting over the corn bait…i stopped watching!

  8. This isn't realistic deer hunting. Not to me anyway. These guys hunt large tracts of land that is strictly controlled. These are top dollar hunts and basically one big commercial for realtree products and the ranch they are hunting on.
    For 99% of hunters this is a fantasy. Note the talking to the camera while the deer is still within earshot. They make it look easy because to them it is easy. No amount of effort by these hunters was put forward. Hop off a plane, get a ride to the tree and shoot a booner. It's a cool video but way off base for the hunting public.

  9. For those haters on baiting piles..its been done for many years plus just speeds up the process before u wpuld track this deer here there now we gotten smarter bring hungry does brings big horny bucks ..

  10. Nothing to do with hunting

  11. If your going to pass on a 125 don't go to Ohio. Sure theres big bucks there but not the place to be if your an out of state hunter and looking to get it done in a week. 10 years ago it was nothing to pass on a 140 in Illinois.

  12. Know Way Outdoors

    Nice corn pile

  13. Hunting is about the journey

  14. Great video, sorry that buck blew and ran. Thanks for sharing and hope your luck got better the next time.

  15. Twisted Tree Archery LLC

    Awesome video guys!! just subscribed if you wanna do the same!! bunch of PA boys starting to get some hunting footage!!

  16. Both deer where about the same .but when you are paying to hunt because your rich you can be picky

  17. Danny Rutherford

    Food plot, grunt,spilled corn from farmer, deer pee,. it's all a way to harvest deer. Who cares as long as it's legal.

  18. Michael Parrish

    can u people not kill a deer without bait?anyone can do it over bait!thats not hunting its killing!

  19. dudes kind of a baby

  20. Don't listen to the trash about baiting they just they can't get one with a bow

  21. You guys see a big buck walk by, and you say, '' I won't shoot that buck because he is a two year old, or a three year old. If he is trophy size now? I saw you better shoot him. Because tomorrow is not promised. He may come down with chronic waste disease. or the other one, – epizootic hemorrhagic disease. If he gets by me and alludes me the rest of the season;  then,  if he is lucky, he might turn into that big buck you dream about. Until then, –  I'm shooting!

  22. Baiting deer…how sportsman like.

  23. Cheaters!!! Baiting deer!!!!!!

  24. In our area here in western NY (chautauqua lake) we don't have any 4 year old deer because the Amish shoot them all, and I mean all. They are the scourge of the woods. We are lucky to have any 2 year old bucks. Hate the Omlets.

  25. this guy hunts horns not meat….
    ah well there's always white castle, right ??
    fuckin nonsense rich kids…

  26. Outdoor Media Company

    Why the corn man, really? Not necessary in Ohio. Laziness.

  27. Over bait. Not hunting or bait. My bad.

  28. Love of the Outdoors

    You'll get a lot more respect passing on those young deer than killing one on camera. Hats off!!

  29. Glad to see you are not shooting expandable broad heads.

  30. Huntin over a bait pile. Really dude. Grow a set and hunt the right way. That takes every bit of fun out of huntin. Much disrespect for you man.

  31. omg. I almost hate you when you full draw at 2 years old deer. you are truly hunter RESPECT.

  32. He can become 3 or 4 on my wall

  33. Hunting or bait is dirty

  34. you just ruined the hunt. why not shoot one in a guys barn or a high fence area

  35. Beyond The Wire Productions:Hunting & Fishing

    Nice footage and restraint

  36. back wood riders

    i would have smoked tgat deer i dont care if here two its still a deer

  37. Chandler Swaringam

    Isn't it illegal to hunt over a pile of corn?!!

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