Opening Weekend of CA Deer Season: Mule Deer Hunting Vlog

Opening Weekend of CA Deer Season: Mule Deer Hunting Vlog


The first weekend of the California deer season was a great time! We observed pretty scenery, deer, bucks, and a giant bear! Hope you guys enjoyed this video and there will be more deer hunting to come! Subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss a thing!
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  1. Is this socal or northern cal?

  2. Rafael Gonzales

    great seeing fellow California hunters

  3. 5 dollars for a gallon of gas???? WTF??? Get out of commie Cali while you still can!!!!

  4. Hmong Team Long Range Team Sniper

    Nice video! We looking forward for future drawing as well. Good luck!

  5. Congrats you've got a new subscriber

  6. Being out of nowhere could of tag it and wait it out for the next day. Also could of shot another one and grilled it for the day though night fall. Lol jk

  7. Have you heard of burchman flats ? I been puting in for x12 . For 4 years now havent been back there since

  8. Is this x6b

  9. Fortino Barrios

    Right on… like seeing these california high country hunts! Good luck man!

  10. wheres that hot spot is at brother? lol

  11. Hutson Outdoors

    Awesome hunt! Good luck in the future!

  12. Clonetrooper 1921

    Good video man

  13. Finnigan Holmes

    You should have shot the 3/3

  14. Kill. Kill. Kill c'mon man you're killing ME!

  15. Nice video man!!! Wish we would've had a bear tag!!! LOL

  16. Whackin and stackin outdoors

    Good video!! Man I would have taken that three pointer!

  17. AWESOME video! You guys saw quite a few bucks.

  18. Finnigan Holmes

    Awesome my Dads shoulder surgery went good yesterday 32 days until duck season can’t wait!!

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