Owen's Blog: Shed Hunting, TSI Update

Owen's Blog: Shed Hunting, TSI Update


Owen takes the day to accomplish a couple of things starting with showing us his newly finished mount of “Crabs”, the buck he harvested this past November. Then he heads out to find shed antlers, giving us a few pointers along the way as he finds a side to a giant 4 year old he knows well. Finally, Owen takes us into a spot that he did some TSI in the past, showing us different ways to cut trees and the benefits that it provides for the deer.


  1. You ever try doing hinge cuts knee high? Seems to give cover and browse.

  2. You make it look easy sir

  3. Time well spent, you did good.

  4. Joshsinglefooter

    Man… long time no see!….. love it!

  5. Travis Wilkinson

    Awesome video. The insight that you give is always interesting and informative. That’s some amazing work fixing that tine that broke. Looking forward to the next video.

  6. I absolutely love Iowa. You residents are blessed.

  7. Another awesome video Owen!!! One thing I've always wondered, why is it that people say it's so important to find the sheds of a buck your hunting? Seems to me that most of the time unless the food is on your farm each yr, why does it matter where he sheds in February cause he's probably not living there in the fall right? Just curious.

  8. Great sheds. Camera man’s sniffles are annoying though…

  9. love it, helps the cabin fever

  10. Great vid owen!!! Bucks, habitat & how u approach it are top notch- keep em coming!

  11. Congrats on that big shed!

  12. Great to see a video. Happy shed hunting

  13. Great to see yah back! keep the content coming!

  14. You're living the dream Owen

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