Pellet Gun Raccoon Hunting!

Pellet Gun Raccoon Hunting!


I shot this raccoon with my Gamo Silent Cat as you may have seen in my other videos, he was up in my tree so I decided to pop him! It couldn’t have gone any better, he had a nice clean quick death. I hope you enjoyed the video and like and subscribe for more!


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  2. What a descent!

  3. Tap… Tap… Tap… THUMB!!! I LOVE IT SO. GREAT SHOOTIN KID. Yup Subscribed Now click the link. Thank You.
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  4. Did didn't kill him first shot

  5. Good job kid

  6. Did you eat it

  7. The sound when that sucker hit the ground lmaooo

  8. Ravi Sg Shivarampura

    The .177 or .22 which caliber using Sir ?

  9. DoesItTakeGlockMags?

    Lmao every kid always walks up and shoots em in the head after i always use to

  10. After around 400 pellets down range>>> this gun will put ten shots in a group that you can cover with a nickle at 20 yards. I taped a penny to my target and was surprised to see that it almost went through it. Also an important thing to note is the light wight of this gun compared to the Benjamin Prowler air rifle that i got for a friend last Christmas, cocking effort is also lighter. Power seems about the same. I'm glad I chose the Gamo rifle. It is doing all that i expected and more. Great gun.

  11. i,m all for hunting and getting rid of pest animals, but this one didnt have to be done. when you get older you will be haunted by this

  12. Why shoot raccoons? Are u guys retarded…don't like nature? I would love to hang all these animals haters up by the balls!!!!

  13. Good job kid go get more

  14. thats a clean kill because when he hit the ground he was dead i am pretty sure he was already dead just that he was hanging on

  15. Mantap nice shot suport bck

  16. 0:56 that sound xD

  17. Why couldn't we have been friends 25 years ago?

  18. Austin Rodriguez

    Nice shot


  20. Why do you not know your quality will suck in vertical

  21. Lol

  22. Knight Imperious


  23. I have a BB gun and we tried to kill a raccoon but that motherfucker wouldn't die I shot it up close


    Awesome job bro, #RIP Raccoon

  25. U suck bro that's not himan

  26. You are a heckuva shot!

  27. Aw fuck here come the vegans

  28. nice dude! ignore the libtard haters who need everyone to do thing for them

  29. Nice shot dude

  30. Fucking gaycoons attacked my chickens the other night, Time to kill em

  31. Another dirt nap. Good work kid.

  32. I wonder what happened when he told his parents

  33. 0:58 that thud sound like it hurt

  34. Well this was a real bad idea if I shot one with a pellet gut I would use a 22 pellet gun and no smaller than a 22. It only take one shot with a 22 not like 10 lol and you gotta laugh at the new hunters that feel the need to shoot them in the head every time they walk up on something even if it is just there dead lol.

  35. Good Shot

  36. No need for that last head shot u fuck!

  37. Batman The King Of Gaming/BTKOG

    Yo I use the exact same bullets nice

  38. lol the thud

  39. That sound lmao

  40. Dave Thundercloud

    loved the video my friend
    I subscribed
    how much was the gun and make and model please.

  41. curryjrmargargarettmargarette walls

    i have to get one

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