Poisonous Mushroom Identification for Beginners: Jack O’ Lantern vs 6 Lookalikes

Poisonous Mushroom Identification for Beginners: Jack O’ Lantern vs 6 Lookalikes


You CAN’T tell the (in)edibility of a mushroom by its color, nor by any single identification marker! Basically you’ll have to learn mushrooms one by one!
Want to know more about toxic mushrooms? start from
the beautiful, entry-level Jack-o’-lantern, and see how it can resemble other 6 edible mushrooms!

Mushrooms discussed in this video:

Jack-o’-lantern: Omphalotus illudens (poisonous)
Chicken of the Woods: Laetiporus sulphureus
Crimson Waxy Cap: Hygrocybe punicea
Smooth Chan: Cantharellus lateritius
Common Chan: Cantharellus cibarius
Honey: Armillaria mellea
Ringless Honey: Armillaria tabescens

Location: Maryland and Virginia


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About this channel:

I am a wild mushroom lover and this channel is about me and my wife identifying, collecting, cooking and sometimes preserving wild mushrooms. I’ve tasted nearly fifty different species of wild mushrooms in Northeast America so far, and I would like to extend my list and to share with you my adventures of nature exploring. If you like my videos, please SUBSCRIBE and share with friends to make the channel grow!


Be cautious & always refer to multiple reliable sources before consuming any wild edibles!


  1. Mature Adventurer

    Very cool thank you

  2. I love chanterelles, they look brighter than the jack o lanterns, which look pumpkin orange. I’ve never found any but I hope to someday. I’ve tried to find chanterelles but I’ve only found the false ones. From what I’ve read they are quite toxic, so I avoid them. I wish I could find some chanterelles. It looks easy to find them but when I’ve gone in the forest I’ve found Amanitas, maybe a couple Psilocybin mushrooms, maybe a couple oyster mushrooms and some that are too hard to identify, but never any chanterelles.

  3. I live in Florida and a huge cluster of mushrooms sprung up under a tree in my front yard. I know less than nothing about mushrooms, but would like to know if these are poisonous. Light brownish orange a little smaller than the width of my hand and about 4 inches tall if I pick it off the group of mushrooms. Could you help me identify?

  4. I love to be a biologist <3

  5. lol.. i love you run toward the tree.. too excited! lol Texas, thank you.

  6. CradleRock Comedy Felchers

    I go marall mushroom hunting so I can find those easily

  7. CradleRock Comedy Felchers

    I'm sure the light yellow ones are poisonous

  8. Do jack o lanterns change color on bruising?

  9. I wish you would use the proper names or at least reference them along with common names. It may seem difficult for beginners but pays off long term. Shortcuts will bite you in the ass in this hobby. Every expert I know will tell you to avoid common names or at minimum reference the proper name when teaching. There is good reason for this and is a well known practice in mycology groups and forums.

  10. 感谢你教我们哪一个不能吃。我住在康州,常常也找这些。

  11. Bud Nunyerbusiness

    Subscribed.  Its about time .

  12. Thank you so much for your effort to educate us! Great Video!

  13. Phoenix Princess

    Great video. Discovering new mushrooms is kind of becoming my new obsession. Although I'm not sure what wild mushrooms are available in Phoenix Arizona.

  14. we cannot see any different , you do not explain properly. sorry. it would be good to find someone who can actually show differences.

  15. Great vid. Ty!

  16. Omg now I'm more confused than before I started watching this video lol

  17. Daniel Pavlovsky

    Remember folks: All mushrooms are edible -at least once.

  18. Sorry but not very informative. Even though your small txt kind of indicating which is and which is not, it would have been more helpful to spell it out loudly "This is poisonous, Do NOT eat it. Better yet do NOT TOUCH IT. BUT overall a good video.

  19. Thank you.

  20. You didn't mention which ones were poisonous and which ones were edible

  21. great video! it was on point! if you come across a velvetfoot mushroom, they look like jacks too, but are an edible like honey. they look like a cross between a galarina, a jack & a honey. they have white spores & a velvety stem near the bottom. they taste great!

  22. I found black trumpets this year it was the forst wild mushroom i ate and it was delicious.

  23. Only eat mushrooms that that follow these checklists see replies

  24. Great video, informative and I love the shots of the insects and wildlife too. Nicely made, thanks! 🙂

  25. I love your dog's Halloween costume at 9:53

  26. Thank you. This is the best video on honey mushrooms and chanterelle that I have ever seen. It was very clear and easy to follow and you gave us enough time to process the information. Great.

  27. E X C E L E N T VIDEO, JUST EXCELLENT, thankyou so much

  28. Really well done. Thank you.

  29. Great informative video — thanks for sharing.

  30. Haphazard Homestead

    Learning the mushrooms one by one is the way to go, for sure. Here along the West coast, I see folks getting confused most often by the "False Chanterelle" (Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca). We've got so many different kinds of real Chanterelles, so I can see why folks have trouble – they think they are just seeing variability within what folks all lump together as Chanterelles. I like using the solid stems of the chanterelles as an identifier, too, and how they peel apart like string cheese. So many mushrooms to find and enjoy — happy mushroom hunting!

  31. Hello where is ur country? Because many wild mushrooms are similar with here in Korea!

  32. Another well produced, educational video! I went out last week on my first mushroom hunt for anything besides morels. I found hen-of-the-woods, lion's mane, and pheasant back. Cooked each one over the next 3 days. All very delicious. My favorite was the lion's mane. Thanks for your help teaching me how to identify, and cook, more edible mushrooms!

  33. Ineluctable Smith

    Another great vid Thanks for this!

  34. Thank you very much but I know now I will not be eating anything in the woods but the Morel mushrooms. Too scary, I don't trust myself!

  35. Thanks for sharing.

  36. mrIknowwhatyoudid


  37. Great videos dude, and I totally dig your choice of music. It's kind of like….mushroom porn music

  38. Hey man thank u for the info

  39. What is psychedelic?

  40. Great video, love that.


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