Primitive Archery Duck Hunt

Primitive Archery Duck Hunt


Primitive Archery Duck Hunt


  1. Shovlers are not related to teal a shovler is its own species they are filter ducks

  2. Nazi in a nutshl.

  3. in az we call them spoonie d

  4. You guys suck
    I love ducks

  5. Living History School

    duck blood

  6. At 3:31 what is that purple thing in the sky?

  7. Do you even know what the word "humane" means?

  8. What isn't humane about hunting?

  9. the one duck you said was related to a teal is a shovler

  10. apache throwing star lol

  11. wwwDarkTacklecom

    Gotta have a fall back. Its like asking 2 girls to prom……..everyone does it…… 🙂

  12. you guys are killing me!
    I am itching to get back out…the duck on the fire looks amazing!
    Keep up the great work!

  13. GOD DAMN those ducks look so tasty

  14. gannon matthews

    "ahh i got me some arrows and…… and a 12 gauge".

  15. primitive duck hunt? huh…
    With a plastic boat, shotgun, and silly humane society stocking hat.. Dude.. if you would get rid all of those modern made stuff..
    Eskimos done have ya beaten..

  16. MapleCreekOutdoors

    Anyone notice he's wearing a humane society hat on

  17. Living History School

    throwing stick, rock, but why would you not have these in ancient times?

  18. Living History School

    you have to follow your states game bird laws

  19. im glad i could help you

  20. Living History School

    I did try that, it takes practice, but yes they work

  21. if its primtive for you i recomend you put a bulb on the tip behind the point. what i mean by this is to wrap a type of cord around the base of the point and covering it in hide glue or pine pitch. works like a floating device and will skip across the water

  22. i would recomend smoking the meat. you can also salt it

  23. Got a couple questions on your duck hunt video. What kind of boat are you using and what kind of tip do you recomend to use on your arrows? I will be using a recurve or long bow.

  24. @praharin
    Yes that is me with Scott this day, boat is a out of production eastern “bay boat” works well for hunting bays, estuaries and rivers of our costal/marine environment.

  25. Living History School

    @BushcraftScout I haven't got one yet!

  26. Living History School

    @BushcraftScout wrong, legal in the state of Oregon

  27. Living History School

    @HalfQ I haven't looked at their stomach content, but I should that would be interesting, most are breasted out.

  28. Enjoyed that, thanks for sharing. That one bird did look like it had the wings of a teal. Teal are fast little things. Somtimes we find small fish in the malard. Do you ever get that?

  29. Thanks for sharing , Would like to learn how to make my own bow someday.

  30. Always nice to see you and listen your stories. Thanks for sharing and all the best to both of you!

  31. Waldhandwerk - BushcraftSurvival

    Very cool! Great stuff Guys. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Sepp

  32. No Sugar Coated News

    I have to ask what log pond are you in?

  33. Living History School

    @truckpipe just smoking them into jerky

  34. too cool! Thanks for sharing!

  35. Thanks for taking us along. Interesting to see. Do you have any videos on processing the birds or preserving them for later eating?(besides modern freezing, lol) Merry Christmas to you and yours. thanks, gregg

  36. bow fishing kit works well for that too

  37. what do you do for not losing ur arrows? xcept hitting what u aim for i suppose lol

  38. Cool video! Do you have a video of you making the bow?

  39. What a great video. I remember when you could not hunt canvasbacks, glad to see they are back. Never thought of taking a duck with a bow. Can you eat coots?

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