RDR 2 First Person Mode!! (EPIC Bear Hunt, Hogties, Exploring) Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay

RDR 2 First Person Mode!! (EPIC Bear Hunt, Hogties, Exploring) Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay


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Wanted to show what we’re getting ourselves into in Red Dead Redemption 2.. specifically for those who love first person.

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  1. i cant for the life of me find a three star grizzly for the damn saddle i just hope it looks cool with all the running around im doing hunting it lmao

  2. Please likey the comment if you….


    Like tits

  3. So you not gonna show the location of where we can find the bears.

  4. Kind of stupid you picked a fight and lost. That’s what I call a prank

  5. Ardirestu Septiadi

    Rockstar is just terrible at making water. The water looks just like gta v. Otherwise, this is the best looking game atm.

  6. skinning animal looks cool

  7. Johnny Lattarulo

    How to play in first person on PS4?

  8. Skin him alive?

  9. اوف ابجي طين علة التفاصيل

  10. Woah… amazed minor details of skinning of bear wow

  11. This dude sounds sooooooooooo gay

  12. You dont even look down the sights? Fucking lame

  13. those graphics are insane!! cant imagine what gta 6 is gonna be like

  14. Hello, I'm poor so I can't buy this game, but can someone tell me if you can live in the forest instead of in the city ?

  15. “We’re gunna skin him alive” , proceeds to skin a dead bear

  16. I predict it, in a little bit of time, you’ll see wiggle dancing snipers, rapid fire gun glitch, and other glitches that the tryhards would use.

  17. Fp mode has the same issue as in gta. The framerate sucks

  18. What area you found a bare

  19. vI-KN1GTM4R3-Iv

    Should I get ultimate or no

  20. Yessss rdr content !!

  21. I think I heard that Mexican's voice in Vice City

  22. When multiplayer comin out ?

  23. fov is way too close like fucking hell

  24. No iron sights??

  25. Can i get a piece!!!!!

  26. Anyone else have a feeling that there's like a bigfoot/yeti easter egg? Or even Red Harlow?

  27. Looks good. Have fun, Putt Putt. Back to Los Santos I go!

  28. cadence mastrantoni

    love u putther vro

  29. Like before I watch

  30. Too bad you can't actually aim down the sights. Oh well, still a masterpiece

  31. So I played the first mission and robbery and went into valentine, now i have a $250 bounty and my OG horse is dead because I got killed while trying to save him.

  32. Putther likes to nutther

  33. Looks like a lot of hip firing, can you aim not from the hip like in GTA or COD?

  34. Cool video I’ve always wanted red dead 2

  35. That bear skinning was super impressive. Like damn you even have to carry the hide, I was not expecting that level of realism.

  36. You sound just like mclovin

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