Red Dead Redemption 2 Hunting Gameplay

Red Dead Redemption 2 Hunting Gameplay


We hunt bison, deer, and more in Red Dead Redemption 2!

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  1. Thanks for watching! If you dig this video, you may enjoy our latest one titled "10 of My Favorite Things to do in Red Dead 2." It's available on our channel and linked on the end screen of this video! -Garrett

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  6. In Red Dead Redemption 2 if the animals are live in the continental United States, then you will be able to hunt them

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  9. can u skin a horse?

  10. Didn’t look for the 3 star for a perfect pelt.. using a bow .. and skinning a one star only because of the damage from using the wrong weapon.. great hunting video lol

  11. Can anyone explain a few questions that I haven't found a video for?
    When I kill an animal should I skin it right then or not? If yes, where do I bring the pelt?
    If I do the above and leave with just the pelt, should I go back for the meat or forget about it. If not where should I bring the meat?
    When I kill an animal should I not skin it right there and then and take the whole animal? if so, where should I bring it and what should I do with it when I get to wherever it should go?

  12. the skinning is EPIC

  13. uuffff ese juego esta al 100

  14. Those pelts sure do come off easy

  15. I carry one body back and leave the hide on the horse

  16. Red dead redemption is the best zombie game out there I only have the first one but it is still good

  17. Does anyone know if you can hunt populations to extinction in the game? Cause I’ve been making a lot of money from buffalo and started seeing their numbers decline. Kinda worried

  18. Pp in my butt

  19. I started laughing when he dropped the duck and ran lmfao

  20. nice video

  21. Xbox one o ps4??

  22. I'm break down and buy it

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  24. Useless vid, skin is poor.

  25. good games

  26. Me parece una total mierda estos tipos de juegos.

  27. Wow looks like the gameplay for "The Revenant"

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    Сцена с гризли так это полный пиздёж

  29. If you are drowning in perfect pelts and cant figure out how to obtain poor ones, then this is a fantastic guide!!

  30. graphics

  31. Pubg or this?

  32. give me link game

  33. What’s the best location to find Buffalo to hunt ? During free roam gameplay

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