Roe Deer Butchering Part 1 – The Hunting Life

Roe Deer Butchering Part 1 – The Hunting Life


Part 1 of butchering a roe deer, showing how to joint and butcher a roe, ideal for home venison and choice cuts. Visit for more hunting, shooting and fieldsports topics.


  1. PETA Pilkington

    Thank you now …just got to skin it first…

  2. Crazy Scientist

    I find these video's fascinating and cool I'm a kinda person how doesn't mind blood and gore but i hate the sound of bones snapping

  3. Karim


  4. that's the size of the rabbits here in Canada

  5. Great video. Very informative. I have butchered dozens of deer over the years and I still learned something valuable. Thanks for posting!

  6. Manuel Rebello de Andrade

    Louis C K aproves

  7. RightWingCon81

    Great video, cheers from America. I hear the uk sucks when it comes to restricting your hunting rights. Same here in NYS.

  8. powerful message worldwide

    what city is this I would love some off that meat????????

  9. to slow man ! you need more speed to be a good butcher !

  10. This is stil one of my favorit video,s Mr Paul is a real good handcraftsman I learned A lot , thanks guys!

  11. Fantastic job gents, will put this to practice hopefully next week here in Australia. Best removal of back strap I have seen yet. Nice job and thank you for your time in showing us the knowledge of your trade. Much appreciated.

  12. Would you mind telling me where to buy a good butchers knife like the one in the vid?

  13. Pleasure to watch a tradesman ply his craft, too many white collars around these days and real skills are being lost to the digital age 🙁

  14. From 8 months ago? If memory serves, he was saying all white/European people like to have sex with animals…

  15. He deleted his comment. Can you quote what he wrote?

  16. So you're saying it's ok to kill something you respect and love? I smell hypocrisy.

  17. What do you want to know about shit?

  18. Isn't vegetarian the Indian word for "bad hunter"?

  19. Im white and i dont do that -_- you are HIGH

  20. that is true but you have to be careful not to over kill then

  21. good for you then

  22. Caslav Norisavljevic

    ive seen better :/

  23. Oh come on, I wanted to havea proper discussion with you, but you're just acting like an idiot and posting nonsense. Since you've judged an entire race based on some weird fetish videos you found, I'm going to have to judge every Hmong person based on your actions, so I guess I just have to assume that every Hmong man and woman on Earth is a person who resorts to the comments of two year olds when they make stupid statements…

  24. But…you're not though, I mean dogs are eaten in Asian countries, that's just a fact…European people on the other hand don't have sex with animals…unless you've been watching some strange websites lately…

  25. Erm..are you high?

  26. I feel so hungry now…

  27. Only when they do it to dogs, that's beyond sick.

  28. dude your shit hot with a knife!!!! pure skill!

  29. Well done!

  30. i hate the talk with hunter vs peta… hunters respect deer and, any game, more than any other people in the world. A buck get hit on the road and someone will be there getting his antlers. when the harvest a deer the use every possible part that is usefull. Peta sucks

  31. can you tell me what brand and type of knife you are using and possibly where I could get one?

  32. goddamn you do some sexy ass work sir!

  33. This is a very proper way to clean a deer with ZERO waste. I have been cleaning deer for almost 20 years, and this showed me some tips to waste even less. Very nicely done.

  34. what was it shot with theres alot of blood damage

  35. @butcherscott There is lots of evidence vegan lifestyle/only eating fish lets people live longer for quite some extra time. What is ridiculous about taking a little more care of the environment, animals and your own health? And you think criticizing people eating meat and criticizing a wild animal for it's only food source is comparable? Please educate yourself…. (and no i'm not a vegan).

  36. you are an expert! congratulations.

  37. asubjectiveopinion

    It'll be coming very soon, by the looks of things.

  38. GeordieBiker422


  39. Holy Fuck this make me hungry!

  40. i want his knife,,,,is working perfect

  41. @TheMrgeekmania The UK needs a revolution. Before it becomes a prison island 😛

  42. I'd hate to do this, but its a survival skill in case you have no other choice but to hunt to survive.

  43. useful video, thanks

  44. Poor animal:(

  45. @millele3 I can live with eating animals and animal products from vast mass-production shrink-wrap facilities that massacre animals in a soulless environment because they make meat cheap and readily available. However having also eaten game and free range animals I have to say that factory farmed animals pale in comparison in both flavor and texture. But there's nothing simpler than going to the supermarket and picking up some factory farm pork for $2.00/lb. Simple economics.

  46. @Paitro202 What happens is the cooking process kills the TB bacteria and their remains are broken down by acids and enzymes in your stomach, absorbed in your intestines, and built into your tissues??

  47. Thanks for posting lads, great vid !

  48. Very informative. I've watched several times and plan to use this method on my next deer

  49. Sorry man. Lots better way to this. Check out meatman……..BUT. You handle blade VERY well.

  50. This vid is f**king mint straight to the point and a friendly north east voice to go with it thanks paul and the hunnting life

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