Royal Manticore Lair | Zhorn's Hunting Backpack | Manticore Farming

Royal Manticore Lair | Zhorn's Hunting Backpack | Manticore Farming


In this video I am exploring the Royal Manticore Lair, you can find 3 manticores and a rare backpack in this dungeon. Also there is an Ornate chest and a bunch of loot you can sell for silver.



  1. Zakatalos Runba

    You don't use map to show start. 41sec in you mention map but don't show. Then tell your audience they have to re watch the the 41sec. Sorry bro guess where I stopped watching.

  2. Is the lamp not on

  3. you are aware that the game has a map…. right? so instead of saying “just follow my path here” you could show the map and where we need to go.

  4. Anyone saw the fucking white manticore outside the cave? I found him fucking kill me and now I can't find him again

  5. KanyeLovesKanye

    Youd think the game name would be in the video title. I had no idea what this was at first.

  6. Holy fuck that channel has grown huh, we need to play some together again really missing the good old days. I might reach out to you in the next few weeks. I’d be buzzing to pick something in the ark direction up again have a good one man

  7. The door that requires the ruby don’t bother with it just sell your ruby the loot in the chest is really basic but the right door is definitely worth it for the backpack

  8. Hey Azex you should check out mefino's trade backpack, if you haven't already

  9. I tried getting this backpack and got absolutely destroyed by the royal manticore. Came back after gep saved me & it wasn’t there anymore so I proceed into the dungeon to get destroyed just as easily by a regular manticore, got dragged further into the dungeon and since I dropped my bag I had no light source. I literally walk like 20 feet ahead of me & just get stuck in the ground somehow :/ Now I have to go to gamestop to get a 2nd controller so I can try to get myself unstuck since it seems Xbox is the only console that still doesn’t have suicide/unstuck button 🙁

  10. Tested it now!
    You can buy both emerald and ruby from the wandering "santa" merchant for a total of 140s.

  11. There I was exploring the forest like every other day. And in the distance I see a big ass thing with a mane made out of white flames. I had never seen a Manticore in this game but I knew what they generally looked like so I thought it was a normal one. It proceeded to decimate my ass.

  12. Ike Fredregill

    Really digging your videos. Thanks for lining us up. Two requests: it's awesome you can fight in the dark, but in several of your videos you run around at night, making seeing what you're doing difficult. For your videos, could you turn up your game brightness a bit, so we can see better? Also, I think in the horror farming video, you mention you run a stamina build. Perhaps I heard it wrong, but either way, it would be awesome to see your build. Thanks again!

  13. Ummmmm do u Twitch stream

  14. You don't know about the 110 slot bag you can get 10 minutes into the game?

  15. I found a royal manticore. It dropped that one 2h sword which I sold for 900 silver since I'm not a 2h sword user and primarily use a dagger. I killed using a bunch of pressure plates. It's hilarious seeing boss type monsters like that run through a field of landmines and instantly get obliterated.

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