Sea Duck hunting Alaska, Adak Island 2012

Sea Duck hunting Alaska, Adak Island 2012


Opening week of Sea Duck hunting on Adak Island 2012 with Aleutian Island Waterfowlers. Hunt trophy Harlequin,Scoters ,Aleutian Teal And Pacific Eiders with professional waterfowl guides. Alaska’s Top Harlequin Sea duck hunting over decoys in the Aleutians. 877-359-3003


  1. this is not good

  2. Chris Konopasek

    Stupidity in the comments is strong

  3. why the fuck they kill ducks?
    cant u just let them live like they let u live?

  4. Vanessa Carroll

    This is so wrong! Killing animals should be illegal, awful!

  5. A True Wisconsinite

    Looks like a blast! Everyone goes up to Alaska for deep see fishing out of Seward (Including I many times with my father) and my father wants to go up again….I would rather do this next time! Looks like an awesome time! 

  6. What an awesome hunt. Nice shooting to 🙂

  7. Pixelverwender Wackeldackel

    what about sea duck hunter hunting?

  8. Caleb Dushkin

    You mean clam lagoon 😉 I thought clam lagoon was a wildlife refugee and no hunting was allowed…

  9. Dmitri Ivanov

    1:26 name of song?

  10. Dmitri Ivanov

    Grat video and shoot!

  11. Beautiful Duck !

  12. Rabbit Hunter

    Love to sea duck hunt, it's oneof the best hunts there is. Great video.

  13. OkeeDuckHunter

    Great shoot!

  14. Nice!

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