Seek | One – Episode 1 | Atlanta Deer Hunting

Seek | One – Episode 1 | Atlanta Deer Hunting


“10 years ago we discovered a secret… a secret that was hidden in plain sight in the suburbs of Atlanta.”

Seek | One is a 10-part series chronicling their season with a new episode posted every other Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. Central. Follow Drew Carroll and Lee Ellis as they hunt whitetail bucks in suburban Atlanta in what could be their best season ever.


Mossy Oak:


  1. tennessee hunter

    doing this n nash area–tn. love it..just started last year (2017)

  2. I'm surprised you two have that much success gaining permission from suburbanites. Atlanta metro is flooded with so many northern transplants from anti- states it's ridiculous.

  3. Public Pursuit

    Lol he hunts suburban bucks that don't get any pressure and claims he has skills. lol

  4. Unreal guys. Excellent series.

  5. Shane Durrance Productions

    Guys, this is an amazing video!! Great work!! I just worked 10 months on a video for Orvis talking about conserving our greatest resource, the Chattahoochee River and the actively spawning brown trout. Thanks for posting!

  6. Every other week is unacceptable – we need a show every week and an hour long not 10 minutes

  7. Where's the next episode?

  8. Is each episode going to be 4 minutes long? This seemed more like a trailer than a full episode…

  9. man been wanting to see this bad! I'm a bowhunter in South Carolina. I travel to the Midwest every year in search of big deer to hunt. I'm a railroad engineer by trade and spend a lot of time laying over in Atlanta. Actually mountain bike these suburban areas. mostly around sope creek and Cockran shoals. Always wondered what the bow hunting would be like there! Thanks for sharing guys!

  10. I've been bow hunting back yards and within city limits up here in Indiana for my entire life. Some of my best spots are 5 acres or less and I can here folks cutting there grass from my stand! I killed my buck last year October 25th 150 yards from houses and 50 yards from the green of a local golf course. Cant wait to see this series!!!!! Just added another 14 acres to my list of hunt able areas in Indianapolis!

  11. Will this be an online youtube series?

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