Set Up a Ladder Stand Safely for Deer Hunting

Set Up a Ladder Stand Safely for Deer Hunting

9 Watch as a two-man ladder stand goes from the box to hunt-ready in less than 5 minutes! Super-sized ladder stands are ideal for safer, more comfortable hunting. Learn what to look for when shopping for the best tree stand for your deer hunting needs. Also learn how to set up ladder stands for bowhunting and gun hunting applications. Dan Schmidt hosts. Deer Talk Now. Season 4. Episode 120. Original air date: 6/24/15.


  1. Your right it's safer to have more then yourself when setting your stand. But when they are busy,…… hunters can't wait sometimes,and take it upon themselves to put it up themselves. Like me I put my 100.00 dollar wal-mart stand made by big game by myself. Now don't get me wrong here because not everyone has skills in mechanically setting up are doing this type of work. He may be for example a computer nurd that loves to hunt deer,so usually two are three nemrods are better then one right. Not everyone has access to a utv or a atv. I put together my ladderstand and after that I rigged a pulley to pickup my stand. I also had a 12 foot ladder to assist me in trimming branches and putting the pulley to pickup stand. Once the stand was hoisted up with my winch I then measured 5 feet on the bottom and looked to see that the top was at 90 degrees from the seat and were your feet are when your seating in the stand. I had to make a few adjustments and it ended up 4 feet from the bottom of tree to the base of the ladder. I left the winch attached to the stand. I then went to the ladder and pushed down into the dirt to the first ladder run to make it stable. I then climbed the stand and attached my straps and came down and attached the bar on bottom. I put my on straps on all except on the main one on the top because it had a ratchet. I replaced the rest with s- hooks and ratchets and that's it. I'm 240 pounds and 6'0 foot tall and the big game didn't break my budget and is very soild.

  2. turkeymanmcgee 82

    The cheap 2 man stands at Walmart aren’t bad. For under 100$ you can have a nice stand for years. I usually loosen the straps some after season and remove the seat to prevent rotting. Mine has been out for 3 seasons and is still in great shape.

  3. pancake airsoft

    That’s why I now use a climber stand so I don’t leave it out there I don’t like that idea

  4. Tells us to wear a safety rope while hanging it without one lol. Family Tradition is an American made company that builds solid welded tree stands I've been researching they look really well built anyone own one? Happy with it?

  5. This tree stand is safely but too heavy to set it up by one person

  6. Redneck American

    I'm 14 would I be safe in a ameristep 15 foot from Walmart for 88bucks?

  7. how does one belt in when far away from the tree using the ladder?

  8. The problem with a ladder stand is, you might kill immature deer from them but you will never kill a mature buck from one unless it's just dumb luck. Mature bucks find that ladder. Every time.

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