SHOOTER at 10 YARDS | Public Land Ground Hunting | 2018 Deer Vlog

SHOOTER at 10 YARDS | Public Land Ground Hunting | 2018 Deer Vlog


Hunter has an exciting weekend of bowhunting in Iowa. Almost ended his season on October 20th.

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For those of you new to the channel, the vlog series is really dedicated to showing the real moments of hunting. ALL of them… The highs and the lows. We upload a vlog pretty much every time we go hunting or do any serious scouting as long as we feel it adds some sort of value to the viewer. Most of them have bits of informative content and we may feel that some just add enough entertainment to post them. Hope you enjoy, any feedback is welcome!

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  1. Don't forget to Subscribe! We have a lot of exciting content coming your way. Should be a great year! Thanks for watching!

  2. I love the ground hunt. Nice video! Thanks for not dubbing in annoying background music.

  3. Tightlinenation


  4. awan gunawan CHANNEL

    Subs back my brother .ok

  5. doubledroptinehunter

    Hey Hunter when your set up on the ground, do you sit, kneel, stand, or use a stool when you set up? I know sitting on the ground its very hard to get a shot off and hard to swing around much. Kneeling you can make noise if you got to spin or turn in leaves. Standing they can bust you so much easier unless you got great brush cover. Never tried a stool or setting a stand at ground level. I love hunting the ground but getting deer close and getting a shot is really tricky. So far this year I've had 2 shooters at 30 yds but not shot either one.

  6. To have that close of an encounter this early in the season is awesome! It’s only a matter of time!

  7. Awesome keep up the great work

  8. icebaby snocain

    did you play football for the hawkeyes? just curious

  9. Keep hunting hard kid! That big bucks will come! Love watching the videos

  10. Couldn’t see the buck. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong spot.

  11. "one big spike" haha that was legendary lol!

  12. hey hunter what county did is your farm you guys bought in, just curious not trying to follow you or anything lol, but I live in Wapello, hunt a lot in davis, and various surrounding counties. If you're around my area I'd love to meet up sometime in the next couple of weeks and do a hang and hunt on some public or something, I've got about 11 years of bowhunting experience on a lot of public around here, mostly hunt private but i like to hit the public before the non residents flood in for november. Anyways if you happen to be around me lmk bud. Add me on facebook my name is Hoyt Grooms.

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