Shooting Cats: Australia's War on Feral Cats

Shooting Cats: Australia's War on Feral Cats


WARNING: This video contains graphic content.

In Shooting Cats, VICE set out to explore the consequences of Australia’s feral cat plague, and confront the uncomfortable and violent realities of dealing with it. Most suburban Australians give feral cats little thought. But for residents of the country’s rural fringes, they’re a diabolical pest and scourge on wildlife. Found in 99 percent of Australia, they’re estimated to kill more than two million native animals a day. That devastation has seen Kangaroo Island local Barry Green declare a personal war against cats; trapping and skinning them, before turning them into hats and fridge magnets.

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  1. Feral cats are estimated to kill more than two million native animals a day in Australia, so the locals of Kangaroo Island took matters into their own hands.

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  2. That is not a reason to kill!

  3. I totally agree with the culling of a species that endangers native populations of multiple other native species of animals

  4. First 5 min kinda boring

  5. Really don’t understand why Australia hasn’t just import few China men come eat all cat

  6. Brittany Golden

    It's one thing to quickly and humanely dispatch a cat, the way the old man did. It's another to use dogs to hunt them down, tearing them apart alive.

  7. Love cats, completely support the removal of ferals.

  8. How much you get need money from that. You murder for 100 $ im will do this if they give me10000000$ per 1. Cat you idiots cats you have brain cancer

  9. Killedem

  10. Keep up the good work guy's! Thanks for helping save our beautiful unique wildlife.

  11. Omg i cant believe they would really kill a cat :'( im litteraly crying my eyes out. Why would you do this?? This is so sad.

  12. I am for the cats. We will take Australia

  13. Im going human hunting who kill my cats

  14. How can Australia win a war aganist cats when they cant beat emus

  15. Emir Latinović

    I was watching innocent people being decapitated by isil monsters and it made me sick.
    But I wouldn't mind if someone decapitates hillbillies in this video. Not a bit.
    If they would kill my cat, each night one of them would disappear and to be found decapitated day or two later.
    Thank you VICE for showing us how many monsters and nincompoops are alive on this planet.

  16. I mean if they kill domestic cats I'm fine with it. I love cats.

  17. End Wildlife Services'Needless Killing Of Wildlife

    "These terrible 'invasive species' (fill in the pest name) are estimated to kill more than ( state unproven number of 'native' animals killed by them )' This is a typical trope used by governments……killing millions of animals, and using the 'saving' of 'non-invasive' animals ( whose numbers have been decimated in fact from human depredation) as the pretext………they have used this with the seal /wolf hunt in Canada……on the plus side, it keeps some of these gun nuts away from society's weaker elements (temporarily)….shame they didn't have Robert Pickton doing this cat 'culling'……might have saved some of those native women he killed…..6.3 dislikes… there is opposition to this, and it's laughable to portray 'hunters' as saving the environment……they also shoot many of the 'native' species they purport to help here

  18. Can I tell you something?

  19. IIDeathboi ll- XDIE

    They could go to hell for killing god creatures also how it’s a problem if it is nature

  20. pigskins forget that they are an invasive and intruder specy too hhhh (kill them all weither feral cats dogs foxes and pigs and pigskins subhuman brits too)

  21. City pansies are always the most vocal yet least educated on countryside topics and life, humans cause these problems but peoples feelings make them worse, even in England I understand the need for hunts, culls and monitoring numbers. He made a good point that domestic cats do the same, as iv met many idiots who say "I always feed my cat well so he/she won't eat the wildlife" believing their cat has morals because its well fed and domestic, its still a cat

  22. Gaëtan Van Belleghem

    How can they kill such beatifull animals…I know why there doing it, but stil…

  23. BankBoy LightsOuT

    How do they kill the kittens?

  24. As a vegan I find this video EXTREMELY offensive.

  25. PETA don't like this video.but I LIKE THIS VIDEO

  26. THIS MAN IS A LEGEND! Feral cats decimate native populations of animals, but people think it's ok because they're "cute". Same people who put out rat poison, introducing foreign toxins into the environment for their convenience. There is a big problem with feral and free-roaming cats where I live as well, and I've set up a large-scale native bird feeding station (a huge table full of seeds and live mealworms that I farm for insectivores such as eastern bluebirds, numerous hanging and suet feeders, a waterfall birdbath/fountain with running/pump-recirculated water that I built with an old trash bin, rocks, and an up-cycled bathroom sink my slumlord/landlord dumped in my carport) on my dinky little lot in my small house. I get native birds by the hundreds that people never see so close to the city. My neighbors have taken notice as well, and they love these beautiful birds. Unfortunately the birds bring feral cats and people's outdoor pets onto my property that are destructive, invasive, and often vicious. It's coming up on a year now that I've had this established, and it brings in native birds by the hundreds. I'm starting to put out roosts and nest boxes for the wild birds to nest and be safe in an attempt to boost their population. Unfortunately, I have other more irresponsible neighbors and a cat colony is quickly forming and targeting my property. Hundreds of native birds I had never even dreamed I'd ever see in my own yard are now regulars at my little bird feeding sanctuary. I've put a lot of time, money, blood, sweat, and tears into building it all up and closely studying each bird I am able to ID at the table. I've tried trapping these cats, but the owners become irate and actually have attempted to threaten me into paying the shelter fee that they are made to pay to get their cat back. I think a huge part of this cat issue is ENTITLEMENT; people who feel as if their cat should be allowed to run amok, regardless of the damage to the ecosystem and neighbors' properties alike. I also keep an indoor finch colony, and the cats can hear them through my windows and have tried to get into my house. I had one cat claw up a window screen on a nice day when I had the windows open to let some fresh air in. The cat, quite predictably, made a beeline for my pets to attack/eat/torment them. I yelled "NO!" but the cat just laid back its ears and hissed at me, so I dragged the mongrel out of my house as it clawed at me and attempted to bite. I tossed it out of my house and it actually ran RIGHT PAST ME and BACK INTO MY HOUSE! At that point I decided using a towel would be my best option since the cat was trying to hurt me, and once I got the cat/towel-burrito outside it wriggled quickly out of the rolled cloth and made yet another attempt to find a way into my house. Eventually I had to physically punt the damn thing across my yard, and the shock of the kick (and the subsequent crash into a pile of lumber) gave me time to shut my creaky old window and close my porch door. The neighbors returned, got in my face, and demanded I pay for vet bills because the cat (which they claimed was pregnant) suffered an apparent head injury. There is a stupid law that protects domestic house cats from being killed or injured (even if they're on YOUR property) where I live, but you ARE allowed to kill an animal that is aggressive and dangerous. These cats are clearly a danger to wildlife and humans alike, carrying nasty parasites and diseases that can kill native wildlife and even humans if a bite becomes infected. I'm worried that one day the cats may break through my crappy, thin windows and kill my beloved zebra finch family. Any cat on my property gets shot with lead kill-rounds, and I plan to get a higher powered air rifle. It's for my safety and the safety of my property and the precious native wildlife that I work very hard to care for. It's baffling as hell when my simple suggestion to keep cats contained on their owners' property is met with insane vitriol and hostility. If you don't have the means to keep your cat entertained and provided with appropriate enriching activities in your home, then you don't deserve to own a cat. They're called "house cats" for a reason: They belong in the damn HOUSE. When the neighbors' cats started "disappearing", I told them to go check the dumpster and get the hell off my doorstep. I love my birds dearly, indoor and outdoor, and I film them and even know many of the wild birds by name based on nuances in their appearance. Having this feral cat colony descend upon my property undermines the entire purpose of creating a haven for native wild birds, and it is my duty as a responsible avian carer to eliminate all threats to their wellbeing on my property. I will not hesitate to kill any housecat, feral cat, or invasive squirrels that enter my yard and mess with birds and their nests. I think we should take a page from Australia and New Zealand's book and just start killing feral cats by any means necessary. Once I shot all my stupid neighbor's cats, I told them (through my locked entry door) that I'd have them charged with trespassing and harassment if they didn't leave immediately. If it's somebody's pet, they should keep it inside. These people know the damage their pets do to our native wildlife population and simply do not care. I also know how detrimental these invasive predators are to wildlife, and I care… with an endless stream of kill-rounds! 🙂

  27. Bendangwati Longkumer

    I love cats but if thy become a problem especially ferals and creating havoc or a real problem…. Thn population need to be controlled.. I can understand thm

  28. 13:58 HEASHOT 100

  29. hey guys lets just solve all the problems that WE caused by shooting them seems legit

  30. The Cold Spaghetti

    You had emu war, now with cat. Australian human population < animals population.

  31. Im very conflicted about this cus I know that the cats are feral and killing shit but on the other hand they’re cute

  32. I’m gonna kill these people how dare they kill my favourite pets

  33. we not gonna talk about the old man with cat skin hat or cat skins on his porch wall lmfao

  34. What about feral dogs?

  35. If I ever see this man I would point a gun at his head and shoot him ten times

  36. The only good cat is a dead one.

  37. Stupid Australian

  38. stop

  39. I absolutely adore cats. They're my favorite animal and I have three of them. I'm also a vegan. And this breaks my heart to no end, but I think they're doing the right thing. Wild cats like that just can't be caught and kept as pets or released into a sanctuary. It's either them or the native wildlife. It's just not fair though… we caused this issue and the cats and native wildlife all have to pay with their lives. So, so sad.

  40. Was an emu war now a cat war

  41. Go to hell u got no soul

  42. I'll shoot any animal but not a cat hope yall shoot your foot

  43. Cat hunting or cunting for short

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