Shotgun Deer Hunting – Perfect Shot!

Shotgun Deer Hunting – Perfect Shot!


Opening day of deer gun season in Ohio and we were able to put some meat in the freezer with a nice doe. Watch her drop in sight after a perfectly placed shot with the Remington 11-87 12 gauge.
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  1. TheAllSeeingTruth

    Good shot. I wanted to take my 10mm deer hunting but no luck this year. Still, plenty of hogs and my tag money goes towards the parks

  2. T-mobile 223E

    Awwwww poor dear…

  3. WolfTheMadMan

    Man slugs are just over $1 a round but they sure do lay the smack down on whatever they connect with.

  4. did you use a slug to kill the deer or just buckshot

  5. Ante Pavelić

    i liked when you made the noise and she stopped running

  6. Victor L. Fazio III

    Love me some shot gun action.

  7. Carson Chasteen

    Good ole 12 gauge knock down power

  8. NYBowhunter72

    What kind of camera were you using to film this? Very clear and smooth

  9. what kinda gun and how far was the shot?

  10. You left the guts in, why is that?Good video none the less. What slug were you using with your 1187?

  11. Living outdoors TV

    Hey can you go over your hunting setup and your camera setup like how did you film this awesome hunt.

  12. Hey I enjoy your channel, I think you'd enjoy mine as well!

  13. Beautiful shot

  14. nice hunt and great video! I subbed, check out my channel and sub back. Thanks!

  15. sweet video and great shooting

  16. nice job. good video!! keep it up!!

  17. Did you use smoothbore or rifled barrel and what type of slug?

  18. Hunt Your Way

    Nice shot.   I subbed…sub back please.  Thanks

  19. ALWAYS nice when no trailing is involved!  Happy Hunting!

  20. Mountainside Homestead

    Nice shot! Congratulations! Iam from Pa. Got a fat doe in the freezer as well. Continued sucess to you.

  21. ghostofmars83

    What a great video! Keep them coming!! Thumbs Up!

  22. Ricky Mellott Sr

    Good deal man , meat in the freezer , don't get no better than that !!!!!

  23. NICE

  24. Good Shot, Congratulations . Beautiful woods also

  25. Mountainview Ranch

    Holy smokes! Great video and nice shot. Looking forward to your next hunt.

  26. does that scope base mount to the vent rib of his gun?

  27. looks like you had better luck then me. I was hunting southern ashtabula with my son's. We didn't see many deer. Still trying to get them on something.

  28. awesome shot, always fun get a deer and also get some meat in the freezer.

  29. Peter Armstrong

    Nice doe! In Michigan that buck would never make it. We need to let em grow!

  30. nice job wish I could join you lol

  31. Samuel Beckley

    Great video and I love your channel

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