Shotgun Shooting for Beginners | TA Outdoors

Shotgun Shooting for Beginners | TA Outdoors


This is an introductory video for those beginners looking to get into shooting. George Goddard gives you some basic shooting tips, the safety and a brief shotgun review of the gun he uses. Shooting in is very popular in the UK and it can be a great outdoor pursuit providing you have the right knowledge on safety and etiquette. We hope this short informative video helps. Check out the links below for more shooting videos.
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  1. Just went shooting for first time today. Found my new favourite sport.

  2. This video was really very helpful and informative in getting in to shooting, yes it’s a bit out of date with some of the facts but it was filmed a few years back now. Thanks to this video i applied for my SGC “ Shotgun Certificate “ it’s not as complex or intimidating as you may think applying for a license. I hope this helps anyone out there thinking of joining this sport.

  3. columbine shooter 9/11

    Don't mind me

  4. errrrrmm this is a good video but uh errrmmmm very hard to uggghhh follow

  5. My comment is better than yours.

    Come to America we can have all the guns we want!

  6. If a sportsman true you'd be
    Listen carefully to me …

    Never, never let your gun
    Pointed be at anyone.
    That it may unloaded be
    Matters not the least to me.

    When a hedge or fence you cross
    Though of time it cause a loss
    From your gun the cartridge take
    For the greater safety's sake.

    If 'twixt you and neighbouring gun
    Bird shall fly or beast may run
    Let this maxim ere be thine:
    "Follow not across the line."

    Stops and beaters oft unseen
    Lurk behind some leafy screen.
    Calm and steady always be:
    "Never shoot where you can't see."

    You may kill or you may miss
    But at all times think this:
    "All the pheasants ever bred
    Won't repay for one man dead."

  7. Another tip for the average British shotgun owner this mainly pertains to 12 gauge if all you can get a shot shells and you want to fire slugs the best way to do that is also go to your bank and get a quince worth of Pence or pennies and then take one penny and tape it to the tip of each shell and when you fire it that Penny will deform around the shot and making a slug also you can use us pennies it probably a little cheaper than British pennies since the British pound still stronger than the dollar have a great day everyone

  8. All right all you British guys and gals were thinking about getting your shotgun licence here's a little something to think about if you get a 410 shotgun you can also fire a 45 Long Colt down the barrel now shotguns have to be Smooth Bore and Great Britain and they can't be rifled bore but there's no law against cutting rifling lands into your ammunition have a great day and I've got some more common sense gun laws over there

  9. When I shoot my shoulder hurt me I don't know why

  10. what was that? 0:00

  11. Shooting newbie here. waiting for my sect 2 to get here. 🙂

  12. Not "1/12th" of a pound. It takes 12 balls of that diameter to equal 1 pound. A 16 gauge takes 16 balls of it's diameter to equal one pound, 20, 28, and 10 the same. The .410 is just messed up. It is measured in calibre not gauge and it's diameter equals 410/1000 of an inch.

  13. Very informative. What jacket are you wearing please

  14. Shotgun certificate is £79.50, and £49.00 for renewal. £40 which would have been much nicer 😉

  15. Ummm ummm ummm

  16. eeeehhhmmm, eeehh, eehhhmmmm……7 minutes is a very long time!

  17. Laws outside the US are crazy hahah. I never realized it till now. In New York I need nothing to buy a shotgun. No license or wait time. Just go in, fill out a form, they do a background search to make sure you're not a wanted criminal. Comes back ok, walk out with the gun. No requirements on storing in your home either. Kind of bonkers if you think about it. Then again, you rarely hear about a crime committed using a shotgun. Always a handgun. For handguns there's a wait time.

  18. the beginning tho

  19. Im going on a leopard shoot and have been told to bring a shotgun as back-up. What shot size should I use?

  20. Errrrrrm, errrrm,errrrrm

  21. Same soundtrack as the fishing show

  22. Does anybody know why guns always seem to have walnut handles? Really informative video by the way.

  23. You only need one reference for a SGC, good video though.

  24. I'm amazed at how unbureaucratic and easy it seems to be to get out hunting – learn to shoot and get in some practice at a local clay club, pop down the cop shop to pick up a licence and hey presto, off you go… But 2 specific questions: 1) If you're after vermin (which was mentioned in the video and I assume foxes and rabbits fall into this category), you'll not be shooting at above a 45° angle and 2) what is the shot made of – hopefully you'll not be spraying lead pellets all over the countyside?

  25. Nice introduction cannot wait for more

  26. That is a really nice shotgun you got there. I would love to get one of this Berettas 🙂
    Thanks for the video – Martin

  27. first comment!!

  28. First

  29. Farming Scotland

    Great vid

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