Should I Shoot a Coyote While Deer Hunting?

Should I Shoot a Coyote While Deer Hunting?

26 A coyote passes by your deer stand, stops and poses for a shot. Do you pull the trigger and risk diminishing the odds of shooting a buck that day or do you let him walk?


  1. Never shoot anything besides a deer while deer hunting. Never! A week before deer season shoot a neighboring coyote and throw it sixty yards away from you and leave it there, then walk beside it every time you hunt there. Coming into and out of hunting area beside it. Other coyotes will avoid the place like the plague.

  2. Shot a coyote this fall during the shotgun deer hunt. Five minutes after shooting the coyote, and dragging it back to near my stool a doe appeared. And actually stood right where the coyote had been shot. She made her way to within 7 yards of me.

    An hour after that I had another doe and a buck also within 7 yards.

  3. Yes – northern new york coyotes are basically small wolves (wolf dna present). I see way fewer coyotes in the day than deer, and I believe they negatively impact how many deer you will see if they are actively on the property you are trying to hunt deer on.

  4. Larry Palmatier

    If I see no deer in my area then yes

  5. Don't shoot. I didn't this morning

  6. Depends. Most of time no, but if it’s at the end of that morning or evening hunting yes. Typically they scare off game from my experience.

  7. Peter Patwardhan

    Yes I would definitely on most given circumstances. I am a bow hunter to the core. I bow hunt even threw the gun season. I dont like "blowing up" my spot and stand location with gun fire. My vendetta with the coyote is that on my property in Pennsylvania I have coyotes that actively hunt deer and not just fawns. I have come across several 18 month old deer carcasses do to the coyotes.

  8. Absolutely. Coyotes are mostly nocturnal where I hunt in New York. However, if I see one during the day, it goes down. They've obliterated the turkey population.

  9. nGcAl78 nEw-w-0

    I'll say it like this ! I totally disagree with you respectfully I go by the rule kill a coyote save a fawn . I've hunted for years and coyotes come up I kill them no question. And many timesdeercome right in after deer cant tell weregunshotcomesfrom close most of the time. I've shot bucks and the does look aroundandgo right back to feeding it case by case situation .but I always punch coyotes timecards

  10. Yes shoot coyotes

  11. Coyote are gonna eat your deer babies

  12. Zoeller Zoeller

    Hell yes. Hunting on public land in Idaho the rifle deer season is open for 2 months so any coyote that steps out is a dead coyote, I use a 300 Win. Mag. & I always have an extra wolf tag in my pocket as well.

  13. the real question is….. shoot a bear when deer hunting or not? them fuckers always scaring deer away from the food

  14. I would shoot the yote, no doubt.

  15. Kill the yote. All day everyday. Our game commission reintroduced them to my area 20 yrs ago. They are the single biggest cause of death for fawns here. Farmers like dead deer due to crop damage, but farmers also want the meat. Yotes, mess up the full freezer idea.

  16. Coyotes have the ability to increase litter size when the population is down so you have to kill all of them if you want to make a difference. Otherwise the population can go up.

  17. always have and always will but coyotes and sadly pigs like cockroaches they aint goin away

  18. Meika’s Game Room

    It would depend on the amount of coyotes on the land. If they are out numbering the deer then yes. I try to keep a 3 to 4 deer for every 1 coyote, here in Alabama we have to factor in Bobcats as well so that plays in to how often we kill coyotes on the land. We try to not let the predators out number the deer because we are also predators and we have to factor in ourselves as well

  19. Zed Zul Zorander

    What kind of misinformed landowner doesn't allow coyotes to be shot?

  20. Joshua Hammonds

    No I prepare for my deer hunting to much to waste on a coyote. Not worthy of my bullets I want meat and horns.

  21. I would suggest that I would shoot the coyote with the bow since the bow is quiet and the coyote runs away from u when on the death run.

  22. I am in the yes camp, coyote I feel keep the deer out of view, I have access to several private properties and part of the reason I’m there is to help control the coyote population, usually because of livestock loss for the land owner. Every situation is different however I lean toward taking it because it’s part of a my purpose of being there.

  23. Years ago sitting on a ground stool against a tree, a coyote came across the hill in front of me and perched on a log ( presumably after smelling me). I took the shot at 60 yards with my 30-30. I went up and collected it, dragging it back to about 3o yards below my stand. Only to look back and see a blood trail all the way down the hill, passed my stand and to the coyote.

    40 minutes later 4 doe came up the hill beneath me. They passed the coyote laying there about 15 yards away. They crossed the blood trail, and then low and behold antlers..coming up the hill. a buck was following the doe. They stopped 15 yards away from me….the buck was pushing them trying to get them to move because he could see me. I pulled the trigger and the buck ran down hill and dropped 10 yards below the dead coyote.

    stepped on a turkey dragging them out of the woods…

    a great day hunting I will never forget.

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