Small Food Plots for Deer Hunting – Tips & Tricks

Small Food Plots for Deer Hunting – Tips & Tricks


How to make a small, yet diverse food plot for deer hunting. From seed selection, to equipment required, we’ll cover it all. This plot will feed deer all year with oats, field peas, rye, and clover. It’s a dynamic little plot that not only draws deer like crazy, it builds your soil for future corps amazingly well.

Recommended Seeding Rate:
Rye: 50-80#/acre
Oats: 50-120#/acre
Peas (forage or field): 20-40#/acre
Clover: 8-12#/acre

At 2013’s prices, this mix ran around $85. If you’d like to go the inexpensive route, then just plant rye. It’ll run you around $10 for 50#.

Rye or wheat is great for food plotters because it handles the cold well, is cheap to plant, and will grow in just about any soil.

Want to see these plots after 10 days of growth? Food plot progress report, here:

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  1. Why not weed kill it first???

  2. 1WildlandFirefighter

    5:30 its the dude from the Green Mile

  3. borries Open pollnatied seed corn farmer

    Hey would you be interested in some open pollnatied seed corn it's great for sailge it will out do hybrid and GMO corn lot feed value and more protein great for wild life too deer and other animals love for any info get hold of me or call 1217 8573377 for info we're just a farm but it's all State tested and we ship

  4. Do deer like to eat red clover?

  5. caleb Henderson

    Do you live in the u.p.

  6. what month do you start this?

  7. Are u from the up? I'm from Negaunee near Marquette

  8. Rook Productions 2988

    How long does this process take

  9. nice spot

  10. Love planting food plots. I'll be starting soon this season on mine!

  11. Have you ever used a no till drill? And if so how good did it work?

  12. Kill the grass first then burn off the residue from grass killer then turn over the dirt.

  13. Ever shoot the seed individually I found you can save some seed especially with clover being tiny and rye being quite large did a 3 acre plot this year found mixing I wasted a lot of small seed

  14. Did you need any Lime or Fertilizer?

  15. That is a pretty amazing stand location. A food plot on either side with a fruiting apple tree on BOTH! Would love to see some hunting vids from that stand.

  16. Great tips. I really like the fact that this mixture will last through the winter,summer and into the fall when you till it under. That will help control weed growth as well. Mark Bow.

  17. What a good fertilizer

  18. Weekend Pursuit Outdoors

    Enjoyed the video! I'm curious as to why you wouldn't burn off the plot and start with no weeds or grasses then disk it?

  19. sweet view from that stand!

  20. awesome tips I love the knowledge

  21. how high was your stand???

  22. Will any of the seeds that you use overpower then other ones and take over the entire plot? just wondering if i should mix all thr seeds together like you did, or plant them in seperate areas of the plot. thanks.

  23. Hi Steve, What state is this property in?

  24. Never tried this, one day I'll maybe give a plot a chance!

  25. Omni Mfg. has a ductile iron cultipacker wheel that resists breaking unlike the old grey cast iron. It's less expensive and requires no maintenance like the carbon steel wheel.

  26. Are oats annuals? and did you lime before this?

  27. How high up is that deer stand?!

  28. how did it turn out?  did the deer like what you planted?

  29. i live in the U.P. to eh

  30. What was there before you planted it the first time. An. Area I,d like to make into a food plot is all ferns in the summer. Should I cut them down and round up them before planting? The property is in the u.p.

  31. Nice!  If you need any music for your videos, let's collaborate!  I actually have a song called "Get Out My Food Plot".

  32. How late is too late to make a new food plot? Can this be planted now in November in Kentucky and still have time to come up this year?

  33. Awesome!!!

  34. Is there a specific type of oats you use?
    How much of the red and white clover is that?

  35. melissapetruzza

    I love your shirt, where can I find one?

  36. Why do you cultipack before you seed just curious is it better not to push the seed in

  37. My brother and I planted a plot on our uncles farm in Conway County, Arkansas, but we didn't use any lime or fertilizer. The cattle has been moving through that area for years, so I think there was enough fertilizer already present. We put up barbed wire to keep the cattle out. We did have to bushhog lots of briars, shrubs, and brambles to clear out the plot area, and then spray 4D herbicide to kill off the weeds, etc before we planted our seeds. A few weeks later after the weeds were dead, we tilled the soil and spread a mixture of soybeans, corn, and grass seeds. It has grown like crazy over the last two months!

    My big questions are…..
    1. will I need to go back and sow more seed before bow season starts in September or muzzleload season in October?
    2. Is adding an automated corn spreader/feeder a good idea?

  38. So, did you put inoculant on your clover and peas?

  39. That looks like a filthy set! Two plots, apples…. I would love to just sit in your stand and watch!

  40. Nice video. I'm surprised you didn't include some brassicas in your mix to enhance late season attraction. It's inexpensive, and fairly easy to grow.

  41. Georgia Boy Mark

    Very nice.
    I've never planted a plot before and I'm wanting to try it. Everyone tells me fertilizer is key. What are your thoughts about it? 

  42. Also if you spray round up on a plot and kill off all growth, disking is easier on equipment and faster

  43. Another good soil builder is Ground Hog Radishes and deer love them!

  44. please be my best friend 

  45. Where do you buy your seed from?  Doesn't look like the big name "deer" plot brands.  Great video by the way!

  46. I don not comment on many videos. I am a new subscriber and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your videos. Keep up the great work!

  47. This is one of the most informative food plot videos I've ever seen. Thanks for the awesome info!!

  48. armandominecraft

    Thanks for tips ill use them

  49. Great job but u copied the lick creek mix! It works awesome thou

  50. I'm not a hunter myself, but it is very neat and entertaining to see the behind the scenes stuff involved in deer hunting. Good vid

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