Snow Goose Hunting: The Ultimate Frustration – Fowled Reality

Snow Goose Hunting: The Ultimate Frustration – Fowled Reality


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Snow goose hunting can be frustrating to say the least. Hours of scouting and setup sometimes end up with only a few birds on the ground, but there are days when the stars align and everything comes together. Many times, these days are when you least expect it.

The 2014 spring snow goose migration was riddled with cold weather and snow that left the snow goose migration behind schedule. Since the geese were slow in heading north, many of them took different migration routes than normal. After battling snow geese and the elements in Illinois, we were finally able to catch up with the birds in Nebraska and had a great hunt during a migration day on a day we least expected it.

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  1. Carlos Morales

    Do yall use extended range for snow geese?

  2. Dive Bomb Industries

    You guys should check out Dive Bomb Industries Snows.  I am sure they would sponsor you.

  3. Awesome

  4. At 3:24 he shot 5 times is the shell capacity different there?

  5. Have some of the shot blasts been over loading the mics or is it editing? Just noticed a lot of wads flying through the air with no boom with this season's videos.

  6. Charles Lemaire

    Wow! Your videos are just incredible! I follow you for more than a year from France and I find that your work is one of the best that we can find on youtube because you make it by passion. Continue like that!

  7. I love snow goose hunting, this is the most unpredictable bird to hunt like i see everyday on videos. You do a great job to find them without the help of the weather, you do again and again amazing videos that wake me the fire of waterfowl hunting
    Again the best hunting channel ever on YouTube, CONGRAT !
    Ps: Sorry for the mistake, i'm french :s

  8. GooseHunterLien

    Buying a trailer full of decoys, $2500. Finding the X to hunt, 100$. Forgetting the keys to the trailer on the morning of the hunt, priceless. Hahaha been there, done that! I had problems with mine freezing close…

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