The Best Gun for Australian Wild Pig Hunting. Part 1 -.Choosing the Gun.

The Best Gun for Australian Wild Pig Hunting. Part 1 -.Choosing the Gun.


What is the best caliber and type of firearm for hunting or erradicating wild Pigs/Hogs in the Australian bush?


  1. Seriously next time re-record before uploading this crap.

  2. Another Random Reviewer

    Oh yeah Winchester 3030 lever that's what I use for pigs seems more human to as it just drops them no pain and that's allways a good thing. Then for everything else calibre to suit.

  3. I thought australia was using the 303 British as its main centrefire rifle

  4. Sweet ak

  5. wow that sucks to live there im glad to be American we dont need any lic to have guns exp full auto and thats only 200.dollar stamp.and we can make are own woohoo

  6. Focus your camera man!

  7. Love the videos man! You'd be one hell of a shooting partner to have. Nice rifle collection.

  8. one thing i learnt from this video is australia is gay (govt)

  9. So you can only buy a pump action shotgun if you have a D class license.

    Also can you buy brand new guns from another country then import it too Australia. So like you import a .223 Remington Sniper BRAND NEW

  10. I have the same 30-30 but with a scope

  11. A ruger gunsite scout In 308. And a quality 30-30 leak a Marlin 336c both are good options

  12. Down Under Survival

    How close do you guys have to get to shoot acuratley with open sights?

  13. You need to see a 1886 Winchester rifle in 45/70 they drop pigs like nothing else this is coming from a guy in the states

  14. YOU have some serious issues. TO MANY GUNS. 30-30 is a great knock down gun. I love mine. But DUDE to many guns.

  15. I have a Russian SKS here in Canada and its great. They are also super cheap here.

  16. are you aussie

  17. What about a lever action long rifle in 357 magnum?

  18. getting a gun license un australia is piss easy.. just the waiting time is the problem

  19. I hunt pigs with my remington model in .308 and .300mag..

  20. Is .223 effective on pigs?

  21. the 6.5 swedish is an outstanding round. The ballistic coefficient and sectional density are superb.

  22. Yeah from what i'm reading about Australia it has some pretty ridiculous firearms laws. Especially when it comes down do all the feral pests you have. if they wanna do some major eradication on his feral pests it should be set up similar to a rock bass Derby or a carp derby and prizes should be given out for the most amount shot hogs this would be where semi auto rifles would become essential in that case.

  23. number one sks reliable and cheap

  24. Toby Polkinghorne

    would you recommend the .223 pump or 30-30 for pigs when on bikes and walking around?

  25. Steve Fortenberry

    Good info. Headed on first pig hunt. Thanks for the info. From Central Texas USA

  26. Are you a Tamworth barber

  27. felicity disapproves!

    I, on the other hand, most Certainly approve!

  28. Berserk Highlander

    That Bentley pump shotgun looks just like a Mossberg 500

  29. do you have to be a specific person? 

  30. how do you get a D class license?

  31. Love the old semi autos. Wish I could have them but no cat D or C, and  "because I really want one" isn't a genuine reason according to weapons branch lol.

  32. Good video, I'll stick with my .308, great all round rifle, can shoot just about everything depending on the load you use

  33. im here in the states but nothing says hog gun like an enfield in .303 a no4 mk1 prefered 

  34. i been asking a lot is the rem 223 good at 400m?

  35. lucky u r not in england all that on the table would be grounds for jail!! BUT if u r in the U.S.A. you could walk down the street with them all in Texas!!!!

  36. can someone please tell me what CLASS pump action .223's are??? cant really find it anywhere on the net, im in WA. cheers

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