“The Migration Stops Now”- EPIC Mallard Hunt – Duck Hunting 2013 – D. Ferg Outdoors

“The Migration Stops Now”- EPIC Mallard Hunt – Duck Hunting 2013 – D. Ferg Outdoors


For the 2012-2013 Duck Season, 8 Texas Boys take off on a 8 day- 2,200 mile Quest for Green! Two states, 5 hunts, and some of the best greenhead hunting of our lives!!

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  1. I hate the music , just want to hear and see the hunt

  2. Andrew Hunter

    God that's beautiful.. What I wouldn't give

  3. The music is off-putting.  I count 10 shooters in at least one view, did you pick up some groupies?  🙂
    If you used outfitters, ya'll must have had a big budget for that trip.

  4. Aleksandr Greek Duck Hunting AMG team

    Бля всю нашу утку выбили, нам нехре стрелять))))))))

  5. Owen Dickeson

    So all the hunting was done with outfitters?

  6. Antonio Calvano

    Siete fantastici…in Italia queste cose le possiamo solo sognare…complimenti davvero…

  7. Emmanuel Thommy

    rip advice mallard lol…l

  8. Jimmy the school shooter

    poor ducks

  9. Quite possibly the best duck hunting video on the internet!

  10. Love the videos guys! this one and the quest for green! Music is kick ass. Love it! Noticed one guy wearing Sitka gear! Ive got a few of their products and love them! Keep up the good work!!

  11. Xavier St-pierre

    Who singing the music

  12. David Ferguson

    The day after Christmas, 2012- 8 buddies set out on a 2,200 mile journey covering 3 states (Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas) with one goal in mind– Find the best Mallard hunt they can!! Well, we found the birds and made an epic video to share the adventure– "The Migration Stops Now" #Duckhunting   #Greenheads   #Hunting   #DucksUnlimited   #waterfowlhunting   #Drakewaterfowl   #ducknation   #DFergOutdoors  

  13. Chris Fragnito

    What kinda shells are yall using?

  14. SIIIIIIICCCKK!! This video gets me so pumped up!! Amazing job!

  15. 6thStreetKidz

    Nice channel

  16. Great video!

  17. pretenderfishing

    Very well put together video. Hunts like that are something to behold.

  18. Prairie Thunder Outfitters

    Great video Dave, it was fun having you guys again!

    To be a part of a hunt like this one at Prairie Thunder Outfitters, give us a call at 785-252-7217 or shoot us an email at ptoutfitters@gmail.com to reserve your spot for next season!

  19. Very nice video gentlemen.

  20. Outstanding Gentlemen!!

  21. ill admit it… i chubbed up a little bit. that was a bad ass hunt. hope i get one like that soon!

  22. makin it rain!!

  23. dadgum!!! yall put the hurt on 'em!! awesome video and awesome quality!!! just wish it was longer!!

  24. AnimalAssassins



    Sweet video!

  26. excellent excellent excellent n excellent

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