They Were In My Face | Solo Public Land Kayak Duck Hunt

They Were In My Face | Solo Public Land Kayak Duck Hunt


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Today I went out on a solo public land kayak duck hunt. The birds worked in just like how I wanted them to. It was a great day of public land duck hunting in a marsh. The old town topwater 120 kayak worked great!
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3 or 3 1/2 inch BB for geese

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  1. Woodies


  3. Cypress knee Outdoors

    Wood duck

  4. 1. Wood ducks. 2. Mallards. 3. Pintails. 4. Buffleheads

  5. Arkansas Coon hunting

    Mallards and wood ducks all day

  6. Mallard drake, male mallards, the ducks with the green heads, a mallard hen’s boyfriend

  7. What kind of blind do u have on your kayak??

  8. were has luke been

  9. Gadwall, all day.

  10. Woodies

  11. Wisconsin Unlimited Outdoors

    Actually the other one is a bluebill not a ring neck

  12. Trystan Swingholm

    Gadwals and mallers are my fav

  13. Canvas back

  14. Mallards

  15. Wood ducks

  16. Black ducks over mallards any day.

  17. I have a pet duck and he reacted to this vid and he bite the screen of the computer and was mad

  18. PINTAILS BRO!!!!!

  19. Teal are pretty awesome but if I had to pick it would def be mallards ,love that green !

  20. GameCameraFootage

    I like to shoot all ducks really, but pretty much every duck I've shot was a teal. I've shot two mallards, a pintail and a bunch of teal. I think pintail are my favorite. Really pretty birds and nice big breasts!

  21. how do you pick up decoys when you cant get out the yak ? decoy tote ?

  22. Do u get a lot of black ducks by you I’m form ny so it’s a normal thing out here

  23. Honkers bro!

  24. Waiting for my 1st penny!!

  25. Divers are my favorite duck to shoot

  26. Any chance you have a video or tutorial on how you made/setup your quack yak?

  27. last pass waterfowl

    Divers fuck them mallards bro

  28. Mr B Lure Company

    Nice hunt bud. Diggin that yak.

  29. Mallard drakes bro!

  30. Bull sprig all day.

  31. Micah John Shope

    I hunt in south central part of PA and love duck hunting but can find the mallards

  32. Same here. What’s been with lucas

  33. Melissa Pellerin

    Drake wood ducks are the most pretty duck

  34. what time do you wake up to get out there in a kayak?

  35. Ive killed one mallard on a jump shot . I'm about half and half I like mallards and I like woodies

  36. Stud wigeon bro

  37. Brandon Lloyd's Outdoors And More

    I love woodies,gaddies, and mallards in that order

  38. How do you normally cook those ring necks or other divers?

  39. The not so Bald Eagle

    Mallards or wooducks

  40. Mallards,woodies,and honkers

  41. Gabriel Haggard


  42. Pintails bud!

  43. Your feed sounds better. keep you tounge on the roof of your mouth it will sound even better.

  44. Mallards bro

  45. Colorado Duck Hunter

    looks like only one ringneck and maybe a scaup just fyi, but good shootin!

  46. When you run 2 dozen decoys, do you do mostly mallards or mixed bag?

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