Tips For Beginner Weed Smokers

Tips For Beginner Weed Smokers


What Beginners Need To Smoke Weed

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What Beginners Need To Smoke Weed

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  1. I’m in water polo so I never need eye drops

  2. So many of my old dealers always gave me brown disgusting weed

  3. First time, I took 4 hits and I didn’t feel anything for a while

  4. OMG they killed Kenny!

    FBI open up!

    Honestly the amount of fucking rocks in this comment section. Disgrace to humanity.

  5. First time I smoked weed I freaked the fuck out

  6. Sno cone

  7. vl LEGTxSQUAD X

    I smoked at school and they didnt charge me i juss got suspended for 2 days this happend today in fairfeild i was smokeing sum gelato and gelato#33

  8. CrossEyedSpyder

    I remember one of my first times smoking, we had a dead lighter but my buddy had his gay little have on him to we used that to like the blunt lmao worked surprisingly

  9. Redneck Dipping Tv

    Do waste weed hit that gravity bong.

  10. First time watching. Y’all niggas are hilarious

  11. Can someone please summarise the tips or any good tips it's my first time and I'll be smoking tomorrow

  12. 5:28 family guy cut away

  13. Djawad Tchantchane

    I need some weed in the moment

  14. Everyone watching this is an insecure 14 year old who wants to learn how to E A T D R U G S

  15. why did he use a hemp wick to light the joint

  16. Michaella Campbell

    First timers need a safe legitimate place to acquire 420 some fire og delivery to anywhere usa

  17. Jaay Tha Menace

    "don't be a rere"

  18. Despicable Faggot

    Dank of England

  19. When im high i feel a strong nausa, how to get rid of it?

  20. Yo my bro brought a j over and we left to go smoke it and when he past it to me he forgot to grind the nug and there was just paper and one big as bulg in the middle so module of the story don't let your bro roll for you

  21. That the Brother of quavo

  22. PianoGold651632

    Man i tried to try eyedrops but i get to high and just stare at the bottle

  23. White run guard

    should I smoke weed if I got a heart murmur? I’m considering getting into it and I’m worried it might have a big health risk

  24. I wish I was friend with y'all, yall are so nice to each other and chill

  25. That BlackJack strain is no joke man.

  26. These guys don’t get weed that simply use it as s distraction and to gain clout than to stimulate their senses and become better people.

  27. I'm trynna go to Colorado

  28. My eyes never turn red

  29. Robster Lobster

    get a good grinder

  30. Please make more vids

  31. Thank you !

  32. don't do lean 😀

  33. Fellers how do you get rid of red eye?

  34. Thanks bro

  35. Does anyone else get a tightness in the throat feeling when smoking weed? I love getting high but every time my throat tightens and I can't enjoy the munchies 🙁 any tips?

  36. My 14 year old ass already smokin love marry jane

  37. Jimmy From Southpark Crip


  38. TropicChart 245

    TOP SHELF WEED FOR SALE! I am a trustworthy and discreet seller. If interested, reply below and I will send you my contact info.

  39. 420 for life

  40. Here a good tip fuck hit that shit roll that shit lit that somke that

  41. Doom metal tortoise

    H I T T H I S P L A Y E R

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