Top 5 Weapons In RDR2 & How To Get Them! Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Weapons

Top 5 Weapons In RDR2 & How To Get Them! Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Weapons


Today in RDR2 We Go Over The Top 5 weapons in the game and where to find them. These are the Best weapons, and most of them you can get right at the beginning of Red Dead Redemption 2

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  1. Marcus Thornhill

    The 648 dislikes are basement dwelling neckbeards going "REEEEEEE" about somebody saying clip.

  2. Honestly I would say that the caribine and the lancester are on the same level for me. Most of the time I do prefer the lancester however sometimes I like to be a little more careful at a distance with the caribine

  3. dragons unite fryo

    I got the Lancaster by micha

  4. Debbie Nandalall

    I prefer the pump action shotgun. Just because of the sound

  5. Stopped watching after you said a lever action repeater has a clip.


  7. I prefer the Springfield rifle myself

  8. this guy knows how to show you how to get stuff and he talks when doing it when other videos they dont talk or tell you here to go half the time

  9. It doesn't let me look through the window for some weird reason for the first gun

  10. 3:55 I gave up there because of the voice thing you're putting on. Couldn't take it any more.

  11. Doods the litchfield repeater is under appreciated

  12. This dude talking in caps lock

  13. I’m kinda mad with myself, because all the guns that you are able to find, I purchased… FML

  14. bam bam

  15. That bounty tab gave me anxiety…

  16. Guns i have:everything in the game cept for the weapons like the pube revolver you get from that flower guy

  17. dude, why the f are you screaming to me, I only wanted to know about the weapons.. jeez

  18. You said how to get the auto shotgun in 1 min but u have a vid that shows it in 10 min.. The same for the Lancaster as well. Wow is this MrBossFTW 2.0?

  19. I prefer the Lancaster repeater over the litchfield because litchfield has horrible range and Lancaster just sounds better

  20. Joseph Carmine

    Damn I don't think I've ever went above a 160.00 bounty

  21. The best shotgun is the rare shotgun you get from the hermit man its such an amazing gun if you want to get it search it up

  22. Max Michael Ettling

    Personally I prefer the Springfield rifle, it’s reload speed is low as hell but with express ammo it’s basically a one shot kill

  23. Sick game

  24. Demonetization

    I still use the pistol because I don't want to use all my revolver ammo

  25. Dude cool guns but… You know you have low honor right?

  26. I got the bolt action in chapter 2 from a dead guy

  27. Rolling Block has scope only also.

  28. jimbo McNignog

    let me tell ya the shofiled is 84 dollars and it's one of the strongest weapons in RDR2

  29. Why do you sound like a radio host about to have a stroke?

  30. Great video along with great information… Thankyou!!!!!

  31. Tbh all of these were my favorite weapons in the game

  32. Marcos Nuñez, Jr.

    mauser pistols will always be my fav even tho u run out of ammo fast but they are fun & isn’t that the point of video games

  33. Undead Commander

    Bolt action over rolling block rifle the scope is really terrible to look through and bolt action with express ammo does the job better

  34. I think repeater shotgun is the best

  35. How can I get rid of my bounties without having to pay?

  36. I like the Mauser pistol the best, in dead eye you can smoke 5 enemies in 2 seconds, its just waaay faster and more fun to play with IMO.

  37. I love running full sprint at a guy then tackle him then execute him with a point blank duble barrel or sawed off to the face nasty

  38. i prefer the duble barrel shotgun but the semi auto shotgun is nice to

  39. The CarbineRepeater is literally, statistically better? It has better accuracy, damage, and reload time??? Tf is this dude on

  40. Erfan Alizadeh

    Make more videos
    Your videos are great

  41. My Personal Guns I Like
    Litchfield Repeater
    Schofield Revolver (Dual Wield)
    Pump Action Shotgun
    Semi Pistol (Dual Wield)
    Mauser Pistol (Dual Wield)
    That’s My List

  42. Best shotgun is repeating shotgun with slugs, and the best repeater is the Litchfield.

  43. Killerlobito06 2

    I have all of these except for the bolt action rifle

  44. I assumed the “something interesting” that happened if I stayed in the basement would be good. Not 20 bounty hunters coming after me and killing me.

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