Trail Camera Tips for Deer Hunting

Trail Camera Tips for Deer Hunting


Tips on how to use game cameras for scouting, inventorying, and seeing more while deer hunting. Finding and patterning deer can be difficult but the combination of inventorying and scouting deer using game cameras can help dramatically. This approach along with some of our tips and tricks will help you quickly learn deer patterns in your area. You will get more pictures of bucks and keep your presence under the deer’s radar. This information will allow you to make better decisions when whitetail hunting and choosing stand locations.
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  1. Will cams trigger when bushes or trees move? if so how do you avoid in thick leafy woods? Thanks.

  2. Mountainview Ranch

    Have you guys also considered placing salt blocks in your food plots? Here in Canada we cannot bait wildlife but on our ranch we have cattle and I've seen the white-tail and mule deer all over the salt we put out for the livestock.

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