Use Attractants to Bring in Big Bucks – Deer Hunting

Use Attractants to Bring in Big Bucks – Deer Hunting

28 Take every advantage you can when it comes to scent control but don’t forget about scents to help attract bucks to your best stands. All of the tips and tactics for using drag lines, hanging wicks and other scent dispersal methods can be beneficial when you’re trying to stir a buck’s curiosity. Steve Bartylla gives some of his top secrets on scents in this episode of Hunt ’em Big.

Season 1, Episode 7. Original air date: Nov. 13, 2015


  1. Looks like real taxidermy deer he is using for decoys!

  2. I’ve seen a new on this year; a biodegradable, non-toxic product that appears to work very well. I see it is commercially available this year at I’d like to hear what everyone thinks.

  3. really good information

  4. Who's in da House!

    not everybody can afford to have full mount decoys that's for sure…most are lucky just to get in the woods!

  5. bro really sprayed doe piss on his camera just to get the right angle

  6. spend 2k on a deer kill

  7. They made illegal to use anything that comes from a deer as an attractant here in Virginia. So, I'm using apples and peppermint patties.

  8. thanks for refreshing my mind I'm Hunting on Private property and I have tried many products that you prefer with my cams unfortunealey My one cams seem not too work very well, I am really hard on myself because I am trying too trick these bucks but I haven't seen any when I went up North this past week my bate pile was gone cleaned nothing left, and before I went up North previous 3 weeks ago I tried to hinge cut some trees but the trees I tried too hinge cut are some big trees and are on state land which I wanted too knock them down but I didn't. I'm trying too be a smart & better Hunter but something isn't working so well, I will post my pics in two weeks but this time one of my cam is better then the one I have and I have 5 bate piles around.

  9. Wildlife research is the best stuff on the market. I have lots of proof it works.

  10. Peaked and Tuned

    I've seen more deer when I haven't used any attractants.

  11. thanks Steve for your input I am also trying these different tactics. Thanks gain James H, from MI

  12. YEA, YEA ,YEA,,,,,,It's all good. I've used the cheapest deer urine on the shelf, and it worked like magic. So, you really never know. Use what you know worked before. They're deer. They going to respond to deer piss. Buck, or doe piss.

  13. Some people just don't get that people promote a product or service simply because they are getting PAID to do so!!!!!! If I had more money than Phil Knight, Micheal Jordan would have never worn Nike!!!

  14. Thank you for the video , it was a good one .

  15. donald ferdinand

    None of this crap works. These guys are just selling products. I am averaging 5 kills a season and never use scents.

  16. The best cover scent is Stop Buck Skunk Scent. I have been using it for 25 years. I order it off Amazon. If I'm hunting a wide open area I will shake bottle , open and leave the lid off. if I'm in a wooded area I will shake bottle then dip a small stick in it. About an inch worth. Then sit it in a spot where the breeze can easily blow across it. It really works better than anything else I have used.

  17. dude that is pure bondage. I am 50 and have hunted deer in 8 different states. I am very successful with no scents. shooting deer is not that hard to do. biggest thing is being down wind. know where they sleep and where they eat. stay down wind and its a done deal. no need for that high dollar crap scent lure. Might as well be snake oil……

  18. I am not sure how I feel about decoys, hunt on public land primarily so I wouldn't want to get smoked by someone shooting at those decoys if I'm in a ground blind anywhere near there. I'm not about to judge how someone else hunts though, as long as they are following the regs.

  19. I use tampons, much cheaper, and they hold the estrus scent just as well! Still haven't gotten my first kill yet but I'm new to the game and I'm LOVING it. Some good pointers here

  20. Scent killer…… pffft you are wasting your $$$$$ it's all useless crap.

  21. That's not hunting, it's cheating. I've taken some pretty good bucks in my life and I've never used any of that stuff. I don't hunt horns anymore just meat but I've always looked at these types of hunters as weak, lazy hunters. Be in the stand at 4am, cover your scent with pine limbs or what ever type of trees are in that environment.

  22. Great Video!

  23. ok Michael Orear what about the disabled or people that can not climb into a stand, what about people that has never hunted before but want to, what about kids that want to hunt you think those people should hunt on the ground in cold, windy or even rainy conditions.
    i for one use any thing that will give me a more ethical kill shot to harvest the animal

  24. don't call yourself a hunter if your going to use bait, blinds, etc. my 90 year old grandma can do that too

  25. Does anyone use skill to harvest game? Is it all decoys, scents, vertical crossbows, charcoal suits, laser sights, 90 percent let off, etc? If you wonder why this season will be cut one day to just two weeks, just look into your basement at all that garbage you use. No talent just technology. No wonder you see 12 year olds with pope and young bucks. You will be the death of your own season.

  26. Thanks Steve B, I have bought some much Deer Scent my wife is so mad at me buying what ever it takes for my too bag my First Buck I been Hunting over 25 years only too go without a Trophy Buck . I had a Opportunity During Rifle Season in Lewinston MI back 20 years ago and I didn't take the shot because I wasn't set right and He was the biggest 10 point I have ever seen . Now that I am at the helm Once I get that Opportunity I will be ready Hopefully during Buck & Doe season If the Good Lord see that I am determent which I am I would love too get another chance at those 10 & Bigger bucks this season , When I go out again by this weekend I am going too start making muck scrapes and putting scent down, I have always hunted sitting next too a tree, Now I purchase my First Tree Stand I haven't had the opportunity too put in use so I am going tomorrow after church too practice in my area before I go out again and hopefully I'll have better luck this time around. Thanks for your tips Also I don't have my Own Property I am hunting on State-Land. There are alot of Self-center people out there that will never give me the Opportunity too hunt their land. And Guess what that's OK too

  27. what kind of decoys are those ??

  28. Thank you. Your knowledge is priceless!

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