Use Weather Patterns to Hunt Nocturnal Bucks – Deer Hunting

Use Weather Patterns to Hunt Nocturnal Bucks – Deer Hunting

7 Hunt ’em Big with Steve Bartylla. Tips for reading weather patterns when hunting mature whitetails. Season 1, Episode 3. Original air date: Oct. 16, 2015.


  1. I wish it was that warm when I hunt, I’m lucky if it gets above freezing!

  2. The rut is brought on by the position of the sun, not weather. These guys are morons.

  3. 2017 archery opener till 19 days later–11th, 12th of october, temps has been in the mid 80s during the day…this week is the 1st week ( its thursday ) where the temps have cooled by about 10 degrees..sat in stand yesterday afternoon and saw 2 small bucks, couple does but theres a huge 200 plus lb 10 point i missed bout 2 weeks ago i know comes thru there…just hoping i didnt make him shift out of the area..he saw me and i blew my chance at him..figure this cold front will put the odds in my favor for him

  4. breathe and squeeze

    nothing is ever an advantage for the hunter when dealing with friggin whitetails. mine are total nocturnal. even in early june when they just start showing up, they are simply nocturnal, period. rut, cold, food, water, nothing matters, nocturnal.

  5. hehe 2:37 licking his ween

  6. Now if I could just get my boss to understand this…

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