Waterfowl Hunting: “Mother Nature” – Fowled Reality

Waterfowl Hunting: “Mother Nature” – Fowled Reality


Waterfowl hunting success and the migration are heavily controlled by Mother Nature. Ducks and geese aren’t going to leave areas unless water is frozen and food sources are covered. The 2016-2017 season featured warmer than normal weather over a large portion of the country for most of the season. Waterfowl hunters across this area had to get creative and capitalize in weather that wasn’t ideal for waterfowl hunting. In this video, we talk about two of those less than ideal condition and how we have put a few good hunts together despite Mother Nature doing her best keep it from happening.

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  1. Tillman's Outdoor Productions

    Do you manually focus on the birds or do you use the auto focus?

  2. More shooting less story telling

  3. SouthernLimitsOutdoors

    Y'all need to come hunt down in Southwest Louisiana. Hopefully we shall have a good turn out this season.

  4. Jackie Ridanpaa

    Have you ever considered to hunt in Wisconsin?

  5. Finished Outdoors

    This was the worst year for duck hunting here in Iowa in like 20 years

  6. вася форточников

    grandchildren will see these ducks as you think.

  7. One of my favourite video's hands down!! You guys are amazing!!

  8. Fantastic editing.

  9. I love your videos man. So you sell the ducks after hunting or all goes down to your stomach ? haha

  10. All about Fun and Entertainment

    i just loved this one

  11. simon bellemare

    awesome video guys 😀

  12. Would u ever go hunt in California

  13. good video!!! Yea stagnant weather not fun!!

  14. platte river duckblind Flat River Outdoors

    great stuff guys! keep it up!!

  15. Is this in Minnesota?

  16. Frankly sick of watching videos like this of guys like You guys Pounding green heads talking about "hunting is really tough with the weather the last few years" tough is grinding it out all day for a couple shovelers and a hen green wing. Not stacking limits of mallards. We didn't even get a migration the past two years out west here in Nevada. Stop complaining about limits of mallards lol

  17. I have a 20 gauge choke tube made by Remington it says on the front of the box lead only but on the choke says it can shoot steel but then on the back of the box it says great for ducks .
    do u think I can shoot steel or of it

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