When Hunting Down Caveira Goes Wrong | Destroyed A Hacker – Rainbow Six Siege Highlights #206

When Hunting Down Caveira Goes Wrong | Destroyed A Hacker – Rainbow Six Siege Highlights #206


When Hunting Down Caveira Goes Wrong | Destroyed A Hacker – Rainbow Six Siege Highlights # 206

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► Outro Song:
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  1. Jory Lafountain

    Some of these you think are pretty impressive but then you look down at the keys and realize its PC.

  2. 2:10 that laugh

  3. 4:38 what a nasty rotation!

  4. Ricky Montanez

    Saved the best for last that Jager clip was nuts

  5. Stop putting there gamer tags on their faces move it top right.

  6. 2:06 that Windex bottle snort/laugh tho xD

  7. "call me quickscope Mckenzy" quiet down there Ellen DeGeneres…

  8. 9:07

    What a toxic piece of fucking scum

  9. ThePoorManStream

    havent been chosen yet 🙁 maybe one day

  10. Thanks for the spot in the vid bro!! Much love

  11. 5:04 not trying to be mean but is that a guy? Or girl

  12. If you put music over it, it'd be nice

  13. Shahab Meskinyar

    bro THAT laugh at 2:12

  14. 1:10 did someone just nut?

  15. Phoenix Ramzie

    6:04 Oh hey, that's me! <3

  16. BursztynowyDaszek

    9:08 you kid ? ez you MOM ! nooob

  17. 5:00 what is that thing?

  18. When does the new operation starts in consoles?????

  19. 5:01 I can’t tell if that’s a girl or a guy.

  20. its my boi fallen love it!

  21. Mikey Martinez

    The monty at the end is trash. That was an ez clutch

  22. Boarvessel best doc ever

  23. I clutched a 1 v 4 as clash

  24. Beautoful ace in the beginning

  25. MidnightExodus

    Every comment is about the human pig hybrid.

  26. Froyland Maguddayao

    windex 2:09

  27. Osama Bin Mohammed Bin Awad Bin Laden

    2:09 that laugh

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