Whitetail Deer Hunting In Saskatchewan, Canada

Whitetail Deer Hunting In Saskatchewan, Canada


Find out why hunters call Canada the greatest place to hunt monster bucks as Realtree’s Bill Jordan hunts whitetail deer in Saskatchewan.

Please watch: “203” Colorado Whitetail with HUGE Mass | Vicki Cianciarulo”


  1. Blame the outfitter that invites the so called pro hunters to there land so they can market themselves. These guys don't even have to pay for these hunts and get to have land all by themselves where the paying hunter gets pushed away onto land far away from the big bucks. All these "pro" hunters have to do is pull the trigger!!

  2. Stop whining about this video. Bill jordan is one of the best hunters in the Southeast. And owns and operates one of the best Ranches in the Southeast. He made a not so decent shot. So Fn what.

  3. @classicferrarilover Normally you are right. On first nations land not so much. Trust me. Bill will be legal. I am not sure if you know, but he is one of the most respected hunters in the world.

  4. @classicferrarilover i understand he might of dun sumthing wrong but it isnt YOUR province

  5. classicferrarilover

    Hunting in Saskatchewan with a rifle without wearing white/orange/red/yellow is considered poaching. If your gonna hunt in a foreign place learn the laws of the land first. I am insulted that you would dare poach in my province.

  6. u have to waer white yellow red or orange in sask. so hes hunting on a farm or something like that

  7. Awesome!!!!

  8. Nice 8 pt

  9. I agree totally. I'm pretty young and use camo, but I know I don't need it to be successful, I just enjoy getting camo'd up and hitting the woods. Bill Jordan is pushing the camo because its his pattern and of course he wants to sell some.
    I personally hunt on private family land that has been in the family for around 200 years with about 15 other guys, its really a great time. Hunting is so much fun.

  10. I'm not going to try to prove you wrong, but to each his own. My grandfather has success in red flannel wool jackets and jeans or plaid wool pants. I wear full camo or a camo jacket and wool pants and I'm successful. I know that to human eyes I'm more hidden in camo, hence I'm more hidden to a deers eyes. I have also had deer within 10 yards of me while wearing a t shirt and shorts in the summer. Again, to each his own my friend.

  11. The rules are a upper garmet of Red, Orange, Yellow or White, and a Hat of Orange or Red. This was either a High Fence or Indian reserve hunt. Different rules apply.

  12. It was my understanding camo was not allowed during rifle season in Saskatchewan???
    I saw this same example in a video of Hank Williams Jr., are they hunting in an enclosure?
    Just curious…

  13. so what if the shoulder blade was covering the vitals, a bullet will shatter the bone while demolishing the vitals.

  14. i think its funny how people who dont know nothing about hunting can run thier mouth and down other people.

  15. its still not EASY but a lot easier… im from wisconsin as you can probably tell.

  16. I think bill should go huntin with the saskatchewan outdoor guys.

  17. Legally hes not wrong and everybody has different ethics when it come to hunting mostly they follow the same basic idea they vary between most, whether it be me you or jon doe living down the road comes from different backgrounds and our fathers taught us its imprinted on us in my comment when i sorry if i gave off the wrong impression didnt word it right way

  18. believe me buddy, many of us around here got our views of indian reserves, and thats something else we dont agree with nither, spot lighting and that bs is all unethical, next thing u know ull want to be able to hunt on sundays while ur at it, so personally im thinking ur ethics are gone out the window

  19. Let's not get into the whole Canadian/American thing here. We're all ethical hunters right? The fact is here in Canada and as well as the U.S. we have some great hunting area all across this land. I don't necessarily agree with all the baiting and stuff in the states but the bottom line is these guys are damn good hunters.

  20. i gotta agree, another american hunter comes up, cant follow our rules, this year of course they change so its only blaze orange from the waste up, none the less i am gettin sick and tired of that BS, u wanna hunt in canada, hunt by our rules. and just a side note that deer is little below average around here

  21. Sounds a little like "My dog is bigger then your dog" ….maybe a little jeliousy stated here …


  22. Bill, come hunt with us in SK….

  23. Hunting on an Indian Reserve I see….

  24. Typical Deer for that area. Great Buck in anybodys Book! Wish Mine was that big.

  25. Great video alway enjoy your videos. Check out some of my video clip sometime keep up the great work.

    Brendon Parker

  26. great video

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