Wood Duck Hunt 2017: Indiana Public Land Duck Hunt

Wood Duck Hunt 2017: Indiana Public Land Duck Hunt


Wood Duck Hunt 2017: Indiana Public Land Duck Hunt

How a great morning out in the blind. Chief and I were able to get on a couple Wood ducks. Can’t complain about ducks down! Thanks for watching guys and make sure to hit the sub button so you won’t miss out on any of the action. More content coming weekly!


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  1. GrasslandsDuckHunting

    Don't sweat haters talking about water swatting. I've never heard a convincing reason to say it's unfair or unethical or anything. Beautiful wood ducks! Wish we had more in Cali.

  2. Is that central Indiana. New here and looking for public wildlife area for duckhunting

  3. Great video man just came across your channel u just got another sub keep it up

  4. Southern Sportsman

    Great video buddy. Keep it up!

  5. Is that a cerakote a5

  6. GirlsHuntToo Vlogs

    Nice hunt. We shot mallards in the corn field yesterday. Made for a fun video to edit

  7. Really dig this vid! I live in West Central IN. Haven't hunted waterfowl for a few years but am stoked about getting back into it.

  8. Dude dont give a fuck what other people say everyone does it

  9. Kurt and Jax Outdoor Show

    awesome video!

  10. Don't shoot until they have wet feet. Easier said than done. Haha. North Zone.

  11. Mike Mascianica

    Those are both drakes. Hen woodies have no color on their beaks…stoked for ya

  12. Army Pathfinder

    It's easy you throw a rock, yell or shoot over the duck to kick em up then shoot them out of the air

  13. Excellent photography.

  14. Ever hunted in the south zone of Indiana? That’s where I️ hunt

  15. At 3:40 those are both drakes. The one looks like a hen because It's a young bird I believe. Hens have different color bills and you can barley see the white on its face.

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